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Hi, all would anyone be able to provide information on the following:

I was medically discharged in 2000 with a disability of 50% and subsequent war pension. I have been having problems with the SPVA and have asked them the following:

My medical health both mental and physically have suffered as a result of my service, SPVA have informed me that full pensions can be paid earlier on medical grounds, and that I should seek your assistance in this matter.

Can you please advise me of the following:

1. What is the procedure for doing this?
2. How long does the process take?
3. What would be the negatives in taking the pension early?
4. What would be the pension if granted?
5. Please provide any information that you have regarding this enquiry?
I have received corespondence from them and they confirm that the pension increases at 55 can be made now subject to qualifying, I dont have a problem with that.

But they have not answered questions 3 to 5, i therefore contacted them today and was informed that there would be no increases to the amount paid and was dunfounded by this, when questioned further she then claimed that she did not understand how the pensions work for medically discharged personnel.

I am to say the least extremly confused by all this and the contradictory information provided by Kentigern House.

Can any one provide me with the information that i seek before i pay a visit to Kentigern House and let them know how i feel.


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