Help with Maristat 2

Can someone out thereplease explain what allowances Maristat 2 can claim.
Serving in germany 1 child living in MQ.
Am now 37 and want to go on over 37 provison.
Own own house uk pay mortgage council tax and utilitilities. Want
to send my child home to live in his own home Have been told that once my child is living apart from me I am Maristat 5.
Thought over 37 provison was to enable soldiers to settle their family in latter part of their service I have 5 yrs to go
Have also been told if based in Uk at a Duty station away from my home address I will not qualify for GYH
Help as all leflets I have read say Marisitat2 qualify
PStat 2 qualification states that you must have the child (under 18yo) living with you except for the extingencies of the service, ie Op Tours etc. If you carried out your plan who would be looking after the child?
I am PStatCat 2 in Germany. There are a couple of threads on this very topic on ArmyNET. You can also get an official response from there, as it is an official website, which is officially monitored and receives official responses.

I understand that you need to have child with you to have maristat 2 to this end I qualify. As the over 37 provision is to enable you to set up home in your last few years and maristat2 is a qualifying criteria my query is why the army say maristat2 can qualify for this provision when in reality they can't.

will pm Paymaster with more detail

You do not have to have your children living with you to attract PStatCat2. You do, however, have to be the 'prime-mover' in their life and the regs state words to the effect that,"...they live with you, or would do but for the obligations of your service...". For instance, if you were posted to BFG and knew that you were liable for a deployment during your tour, it might be considered reasonable for you to place the kids with a guardian in the UK for the complete school year so as not to disrupt their education and home-life. This could apply equally to long courses or a demanding day-job. It is also possible to attract PStatCat2 and have your kids in boarding school - however, this is closely scrutinised to avoid the fairly obvious scope for fraudulent claims.

Incidentally, if you study the literature closely enough, you will find that the oft misrepresented statement that you have to have a court order granting Residency (custody) or a child benefit book in your name before they can grant PStatCat 2 is incorrect.

I would encourage you to read the threads on ArmyNET that cover this in some detail.

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