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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by mgmidget, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. My daughters laptop Advent laptop running Vista is playing up.

    This morning she downloaded an update on MSN. She left it downloading and carried on with a few jobs in the house. When she came back to the laptop it had switched itself off. Now all its doing when you switch it on is the fan is whirring but nothing else. The DVD drive opens and the laptop is powering up but nothing else. Screen is completely blank.

    At the monent she cant find any of her discs so can anyone suggest any button pressing I can do that might help. I've tried CTRL ALT DEL but no joy.

    Any suggestions?
  2. If you have a desktop monitor, connect that monitor to the laptop. Switch on everything and wait for the laptop to boot. You will probably have to toggle the video card to switch on the external monitor. Read the manual or try pressing Fn+F4. Don't go berserk; press once and wait for a few seconds.

  3. Tried this and couldnt get anything on a PC Monitor. Thanks anyway
  4. An update over MSN ! . Leave her to stew for a few weeks and then make her buy a new lappy. Call it edumication.
    Alternatively if you've got an install CD you could try booting from that and repairing the system.

    edit: Hit F2 on powerup and see what boot devices are selected. No HD = no go .
  5. Have you inadvertantly diasbled the monitor by one of the function keys? Are you getting sound?
  6. Dont get anything apart from the fan whirring gently. No beeps, nothing. Reckon she may have downloaded a virus disguised as an MSN update/new version. She's running AVG but doesnt look like it helped if it is a virus that is!

    Her OH is home from working away this weekend and he'll have a dig around for thier recovery discs.
  7. There are a few button you can press on initial startup which may help:

    Esc or F1 on start up may bring you to the BIOS screen, from there go through the pages and see if anything has been changed with the video or startup sequence.

    F8 will or should bring up a menu from which to boot from, if you can get into this screen try and do a safe boot and if you can get in do a roll back to a period prior to the Msn update.

    Fraid this is all I can give you, if this fails it may mean a new install!!

  8. Tried everything suggested. Looks like its dead. Only thing it does is run the fan, open and close cd drive and the bluetooth dongle thingy lights up.
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    when you say an update via MSN, do you mean a legit MS patch or something else?
  10. MG, what lights if any show? Battery light, HDD light, NumLock light, anything?

  11. Not sure, she said it was some sort of MSN version update or something simular

    "MG, what lights if any show? Battery light, HDD light, NumLock light, anything?"

    Power light comes on and stays on, HDD light comes on and stays of for about 5 seconds then goes off....thats it!
  12. That should have been HDD light comes on and stays on for about 5 seconds. Sausage fingers
  13. What Advent model is the laptop?

    You could also try F12 on booting, that may give a "boot from ..." menu

    Remove the hdd and plug into another PC as a second hdd, then do a virus scan on it.
  14. MG, only thing I can think of here, as your HDD operates but still a blank screen:

    1. Problem with video, no problem with memory as you would get a beep sound.
    2. Can you check that the button used to shut down the screen when the lid is closed is not stuck in the down position.
    3. Use an external monitor to check if video is gone.
    4. Have you got an internal/USB external floppy drive which you can use to boot from.

    Other than that I'm afraid I have no other options, looks like you will have to do a reinstall :-(

  15. Then it isn't booting. If there aren't any beeps or lights showing, it does look terminal. At the least, I would have expected a blue screen of death, but you aren't getting that far!

    To check the integrity of the HDD, you need a box that allows you to plug the disk into your desktop computer. They cost about £20 from Maplin. Or, if you know what you are doing, open up the desktop, insert the HDD as a slave (assuming it is a PATA system) and reboot. Then test the laptop's HDD for integrity and viruses.