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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Paul83, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Just got my first lot of kit and gettin it sorted now, just a few questions.
    I know how to iron (kind of) but aint been shown how to iron kit correctly, should the combat trousers have creases ironed into them?
    And secondly got my beret shaped nicely (i think), with regards to the badge do i pierce a hole in the front of the beret so that it can fit on.
    I know these seem kinda stupid just dont wanna look like a tit.
  2. Generaly combats should be ironed so all your pocket flaps etc are down flat.
    The only time I have seen Creases in combats is for parades. you are best asking someone from your unit and making the question sound like you are used to doing it either way.
    as for the beret yes fraid so best to use one blade of a pair of scissors.
    If your badge is one of thse slide in ones slip a stitch in it to keep it secure(small discreet same colour cotton)
  3. thanks
  4. When making the hole(s) for the beret badge the best thing to do is chalk the bit or bits of the badge that you want to poke through the material then press it against the beret and there will be some marks so that you know exactly where to put your holes.
  5. all this should have been covered in tafs 1 and your rexruiting team should be keeping you straight on these things
  6. ^ Agreed, speak to your recruiting team mate, they are there to help. If a recruit doesn't come up to me and ask, then I take it he has got the required info from one of the other lads.

    If you don't ask then you don't get.
  7. A will have a word tonite about it. It wasnt covered at all in TAFS 1 for some reason.

  8. Ideally it should have been covered on your selection weekend, the one were you did a 1.5 mile run in under 14 minutes.
  9. it just didnt happen unfortunately. Just gave them a ring and they told me to just wear my kit and they can give me any pointers if need.
  10. Take it in in a bag and get them to show you. You'll most likely look a complete idiot if you just wear it in and you have no idea what you're doing. Sounds like your training staff are a bunch of lacy jack feckers. Which unit?
  11. We expect the basics to have been done by the time they get to us, we do however go over how to Iron Combats & Jackets again, unfortunately with creases down the legs, also, nuggets of information like tacking badges into berets & removing the ribbon, get passed along during the rest of the TAFS2 w/e
  12. berets and badges should be covered by unit recruiting teams as all different caps and badges are worn at tafs 2 this then passes on unit pride
    must be different in other units
  13. See this is why army cadets are such a good idea
  14. Didn't they say that about the Hitler Youth?,
    but yes, I agree, cadets gives a grounding in the way things work & how to dress, we get both ends of the spectrum where cadets are involved, also what do the RRTTs teach them prior to getting uniforms & during the wait to go on TAFS2(is it still called that BTW?)