help with JPA posting order

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by darcy_vu_qua, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. so guys i went through my chain of command and have been told that glasgow (MCM Div) have agreed a posting for me on compassionate grounds however it is not until feb 10 due to a slot becoming free for me to fill however im starting to stress as i have received no assignment order though jpa and xmas leave is coming i mean there is alot of stuff to sort out movers schools and aload more that is to boring to list i cant do anything until i get the assignment order how long do i have to wait my line manager keeps telling me to wait out i mean how long do i have to sit there and twiddle my thumbs!!!
  2. if u have been told u r going put in the paperwork with tbc for assignment number

    u will have to wait to claim disturbance
  3. trouble is they wont take the housing application without the number on the top of the assignment number
  4. make one up?

    then give a real one saying it was changed
  5. Be careful.

    Get someone (RCMO would be best) to phone your Desk Officer in Glasgow to ensure that they assign you to your new post on JPA. The assignment order with assignment order number, will then be created and it'll be in your JPA work-flow, allowing you to sort FMS (removals) and claim your Disturbance Allowance.
  6. what is the minimum length of time mcm div must allow between recieving a posting order on JPA and reporting at a new unit. assuming that a soldier is posted in cyprus and his new unit is UK based.
  7. so were ment to go in feb this has been confirmed by my 2ic but still no posting/assignment order how long do i have to wait i have sh!t to sort out!!
  8. Assuming you were posted from Cyprus to the UK you would ideally require 6 to 8 weeks notice if you are married accompanied, they advise that removals takes 6 weeks to UK and you would ideally need an extra couple of weeks to get all paperwork completed.

    Any less than that and you'd be running around like a headless chicken.