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Discussion in 'REME' started by SamE, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. Metalsmith vs Vehicle Mechanic.

    I have experience in both but I don't know what to chose.

    Any guys here have experience as either or both these roles?

    Which one has better career opportunties, etc?

  2. VM has I believe better career prospects due to numbers & the artificer route but Metalsmiths are still an excellent career choice.
  3. I'm a Vm and I've got mates in all trades in the REME. Basically, they're all good-it depends what you want out of your job. Remember though being in the Army isnt all about trade!
  4. True. I don't mind doing either job and I'd love to do some of the infantry work that all soliders do regardless of cap badge. The main thing that I wanted from each job was the driving licenses, class B at least, can you get those as a metalsmith because obviously a VM has to have them all to move about the vehicles that they are fixing?
  5. Metalsmith is the only real trade left in REME, VM has a bit more flexibility in Unit postings, that means more wimmin to poke. Only go near the infantry if yer homosexual and need to be in the sole company of MEN.
  6. Metalsmiths dont have as much opportunity to get out and about about as VM's do. You definitely get C+E as a VM and if you work on tracks you get a track license too!
  7. With the C+E licence do you get the B licence too?
  8. yeah you do.
  9. That's sorted then.
  10. good (10 letters)
  11. Joining for the right reasons?!!! Basing a career choice abround getting a license seems a tad wrong.
  12. He'll save himself About £1000 in car driving lessons alone!
    An asset to any FOB Ftr Sect.....
  13. Yeah. can't move for the times you need someone to pop you out for a beer in a FOB...
  14. So our really only after a licence? I shudder to think where a young potential soldier's priorities lie when the first thing he 'wants' off the Army is a driving licence.
  15. you also get a wider choice of postings as a vm, as unfortunatly the metalsmiths are held in the batallions now..