help with job choices para etc!!?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by peterpan, Dec 2, 2008.

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  1. Hello there im in the middle of picking my 3 job choices just want to know what you lot think and if there is anyone in them on hear who can give me info and advice on them.
    I want to be a pti in the army but got to start a job trade first in army to apply.
    Im thinking about the paras or the light gun role then put my self in for the paras or comandos because iv been told light gunners can serve along side the paras or comandos. Is there much diffrence between paras and light gun paras ie training do they both still do p company serve as one on front line.
    Is there a big diffrence in job profile and is there any benifits to joining ether one over the other ie goin on tour being based over seas travel sports moto licences and courses etc.
    Im joining the army to travel and a intresting never boring lifestyle and would like to be based over seas alot not alwas stuck in the uk. thanks
  2. Go to your local AFCO. They're bound to have mountains of books and videos and whatnot on the subject, as well as being able to give you a more detailed answer than most.
  3. Yeah i spoke to them and they seamed to push me towards the paras witch i dont mind because was my first choice . But just wanted to hear from any or both of the 2 sides of the jobs i said because they will be doing this full time so would be able to give me the best advice and not try sell jobs off .Im also doin a para insight course 9th jan.
  4. Light Gun is artillery, operated by the Royal Artillery (7 PARA Royal Horse Artillery to be specific), who wear the RA capbadge. They do do P Coy and wear the maroon lid. A Light Gun gunner is unlikely to serve "as one" with a rifle coy all that often (if at all) as it isn't in the nature of his role, although you could eventually progress to be an OP assistant, who would be closer to the FEBA.

    Gunners are artillery and fire the 105mm Light Gun. The Parachute Regiment is infantry and closes with and defeats the enemy. The roles are very different and I'd urge you to do some more research before you sign your life away.

    Royal Marines Commandos are totally different again; they come under the umbrella of the Royal Navy, not the Army. If you have applied to the army then the RM will probably be quite short with you; one or t'other. The Commando role is amphibious infantry, although in practice they are very similar to the Parachute Regiment (hence the rivalry). Stand back, look at the jobs and roles, look at the hurdles and be honest with yourself. Don't rush into one job because you're being pressured. Take advantage of the leaflets the AFCO will be all too happy to pile upon you; granted, they are trying to sell the jobs, but they do that by giving you the truth.

    Best of luck whatever you pick :)
  5. hello mate you seam to know what you talking about. i do like idea of the paras tho so think gona go with that as 1st choice if not then light gunner as second then apply for the para course in there. iv also read that the light gun role is a passport to travel so that sound good but dont really wasn to be doing same thing everyday week ,year out so really need to get some more info on wot its like as a light gunner from a light gunner them self. you no as a para you will nerver be bord with the job cant afford to take eye of game. .
    anyway thanks again.....
  6. dude wit the army, you never get to do one thing or the same thing day in and day out, no matter what cap badge you have on...that is one of the advantages of being in the army, everyday is never the same.
  7. Stick with the Royal Artillery, you already seem to know that you can serve both in the Para or Commando role i.e. 7 Para RHA or 29 Cdo Regt RA. If you don't pass P Coy or the All Arms Cdo course then there are plenty of other Gunner Regiments to choose from. Keep up the fitness!

  8. Thats a load of shit, im in 29 and we dont get any bother.
  9. What I mean is, the Navy don't like poaching candidates from the other two services; it's not cricket. Already being enlisted and volunteering for the AACC is different and I wasn't referring to that. Apologies for being unclear.
  10. No worries mate.