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i movin to germany on fri and cant find good qoute for insurance they quoting £3000 for a clio which i cant afford that was from forces insurance i dont no where else to go for a qoute or why it that much? could anyone help with any companies or advice?


If you are UK Forces here is a link with info that might help, it is a .pdf file, see Chapter 4 for motoring advice. Other rules will apply if you are UKBC.
More info on BFG >>HERE
My advice would be wait until you get to Germany, you get 30 days in which to BFG register your car, once you are on station go and speak to the garrison or unit BFG Registration office for advice on local insurance agents.
Miss Magoo

You could also take a look here for a list of motor insurers who specialise in providing the Armed Forces with policies that take into account their unique circumstances.

Forces Financial is a trading name of Stuart Harvey Insurance Brokers Limited who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registration number 301858. Registered Office: Globe House, 24 Turret Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1DL

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