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Incedentals, After being in canada and claiming this under the beleif thatwe needed no reciepts and it was paid at a flat rate of £10 a day for overseas or £5 for the uk, my fsa is saying he requires a reciept, i can only seem to find the un ammended copy of jsp 752, can anyone tell me where i will find the amended copy or the ammendment number so that i have the up to date info to back me up, iv echecked army net and can only find the old jsp, if i am wrong on this and i do need reciepts then it seems i owe a lot of money
Receipts for a set claim? Ridiculus!!

You don't need receipts. Your FSA is being an out and out d1ck.

You need PROOF that you were actually at the location you are claiming for (Course JI's/course report/authority for claim including, importantly the dates you are claiming for) as these will be required for audit.

I have just claimed for 35 days IE (overseas rate). A lovely £350 was deposited into my numbered swiss account this morning. Laaaaaaaverley!

Where is your claim from and what exactly are you claiming?
Temp staff batus, ther ehas been some confusion about batus but temp staff have just been authorized to claim for ie, everyone is telling me i dont need reciepts, i dont have a clue why he thinks i do, i need a way of proving to him that i dont need them though otherwise i need to pay this money back, i dont wanna go in there argueing without proof, some one is bound to know what ammendment this is
IE is now paid at a flat rate, UK £5, Overseas £10.

JSP 752 TRI Service Regulations For Allowances, updated 5 Nov 07.

Chap 3, Sect 1, Para 03.0113. Page 3-1-4.

Hope this helps.
PM me with your department whilst at BATUS, I will put you in touch with the relevant personnel who MAY contact your unit from BATUS to clear this matter up.

How long were you out there BTW? Are you now in UK or BFG? What unit?
PM Paywog; he seems to be a jedi on most matters financial.

And your FSA is a retarded cúnt for acting as though it is his money: once you rub his nose in it, politely tell him that it is his job to stay up to speed with allowances and procedures, and not yours. It is also his job to see that you get as much money out of the system as possible, not to fúck over soldiers to try and get an MBE.
Ask anyone in 1Bn REME! Some people have been 'leant on' not to claim recently!
A 'can you really justify getting the money' type of badgering from high up to keep the bills down.
Another goody is to envelope the period as 'Field Conditions'.
V Naughty me thinks.
Dread said:
....It is also his job to see that you get as much money out of the system as possible, not to fúck over soldiers to try and get an MBE.
Well said that man! That is exactly the attitude FSA's should have, more of it and the AGC wouldnt have such a bad name (so sayeth this ex FSA)

There is definitley no requirement to produce receipts for IE - flat rate of £5.00 per night in UK £10.00 per night overseas. This was thrown into some confusion recently when a DSPSI was issued stating that IE is not payable when on temp duty in field conditions - the "new" paragraph referred to receipts - I queried this via the SPS chain and was advised that receipts are still NOT required.

Feel free to drop me a PM if you need further clarification.

As a matter of interest why don't you submit the claim via JPA?? - again feel free to drop me a PM if you need help doing this.

Not wanting to contradict anyone here... but... I recently made an IE claim for either £20 or £30: I was then audited and the wording on the standard [note standard] letter and the message I received on JPA suggested that I needed to provide receipts etc.

This was easily resolved by a letter accompanying the paperwork* I had to submit explaining what I was doing and that I had made telephone calls, emails, internet access and posted a letter or two, although I had no receipts for any of those things. That cleared things up: I am afraid that Pte McSporran might not read between the lines and knowing what he is entitled to claim and what that claim entails/what it is for is behloden on his cofc to explain. The difficulty is that a generic line relating to audits is being used rather than a specific one for each type of claim being audited (naturally I do not expect there to be a line for every eventuality but for some people the generic lines do not make things clearer).

* for interest for my £20 or £30 claim I had to submit a one page covering letter, four pages of JPA printoffs, 2 pages from the Admin Office, a twelve page admin instruction for the event I took part in. A total of 17 pages and a few minutes of my time (actually I was leaving the unit that week so had to come in specially to complete the audit paperwork- so a little bit inconvenient). If I hadn't checked the progress of my JPA claim I might have missed the request for audit because I was going on leave at the end of that week when I left the unit. I wonder what the consequence of missing the audit might have been.

As far as the 'informal pressure', I concur that it exists. In my case we were told what we could claim for and why but told that we should look ourselves in the mirror before we did claim in case we hadn't actually had to make any expenditure. I agree with the notion that you shouldn't claim if you haven't been out of pocket - it shouldn't be a "gimme"; but then that is just my opinion and certainly not an attitude I would impose on my subordinates.

I get the impression that for this year there wil be a fair bit of auditing in order to keep people straight and iron out any problems. It would be interesting to see if there are any greater number of actions being taken against people for improper claiming.
Look yourself in the mirror, fine - IF you're claiming for something you shouldn't. Incidentals are just that - incidental. Revised guidelines state that receipts aren't needed, so fill your boots. No remorse, you're just playing the game by their rules.

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