Help with ID Please

Its a pinfire revolver. 19th century. Couldnt tell you the make but I'll have a gander
A cheap and nasty "Suicide (or Saturday Night) Special" with a folding trigger.

They were as common as muck when I was a child.,

BTW I disagree that it is pin-fire (can't see any holes in the cylinder for the pins). It looks like a rim fire to me. If is is other than .22 or 9mm RF then is qualifies as section 58.
It an open frame pin fire revolver. Look above the cylinder. That setup is almost unique to pinfires.

The folding trigger is becsuse its a pocket pistol. (like yer do without a trigger guard)

Likely Belgian and likely to be 7mm.


Not sure now BH, looking at the hammer it could be a rimfire.
Almost definately Belgian.. worth something, but not much..

Just make sure it's not .22RF! (If it is, Mag to Grid it...!)
It'll either be a 32 rimfire or a 7mm
I think that's the new pistol a load of retired generals are pushing the army to adopt next. I bet BAE will put pressure on ARRSE to pull this picture. How did such a breach of commercial security happen?

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