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For most applicants, i.e. those without substantial other debts or commitments or other exceptional circumstances, the total maximum amount that can be borrowed, i.e. adding the mortgage and residential ownership loans together, will be approximately 6 times the applicants’ gross annual income. For joint applicants, this works on combined total gross annual income, i.e. the income of a second applicant is not treated differently, as it is with many lenders.


6 times? Hell's teeth! And I bet that they will not be charging under 5% for the mortgage!

I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole!

Reading further into the scripts, there are some areas which they quickly gloss over. No doubt, once you complete "an expression of interest", you will be subjected to some hard selling.

Without delving further, I would strongly recommend that people who want a mortgage, especially as a first-timer, should approach the building societies first. If the bldg socs won't lend you the money, then you need to redo your sums, and not take up something like this, which will have more small print than you can shake a stick at!!

Found the link on the JSHAO part of the Army website.
Totally right 'bout the quick wizz past some aspects namely the Interest paid on both parts of the loans, mortgage and ROL.
That aint exactly important is it!
Will have a shufty thru' the info when it arrives and post my findings.
I have just received all the paperwork from this company, on the face of it seems like a good deal. It will be interesting to see which providers they are using but at the moment they are still waiting to start, if you look into their company, they are part of "Key Worker Housing Solutions" which is a successful larger company providing housing solutions to local government for the likes of teachers and nurses.

Today (Mon 10th) is supposed to be their first day of trading, they will be working with "Advantage Home Loans Ltd (A Morgan Stanley Company)".

Current interest rates are here

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