Help with horses?!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Tinker, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Hi, can anyone help me, iv just been to the recruitment office to put an application in to be a dog trainer with the veterinary corps, however he advised me to come up with at least two other options as my first choice is highly sought after, in fact they only recruit 6 a year!

    As I can ride he suggested the Kings troops however when I asked him about the job in general he just skimmed over it and simply said "you ride horses a lot" and to "just fill in the application form."

    I’m 24 and have worked in admin since leaving school (I know I’m not exactly pension age but in army cut of terms I am getting on a bit!)

    I don’t want to jump head first into something I know nothing about, and again due to my age need to make sure iv chosen the right path within the army.

    Can anyone in the know please shed some light? Iv looked though the forum but can’t see anything and the nets not too helpful either.

    Many thanks.
  2. check your private messages
  3. I like slashing horses

    with gripper rod
  4. That’s great thank you, after reading that it does sound a little like the careers officer was right, iv had a quick look through but it doesn’t say if id go on operational tours over sea’s or not as it just states “be prepared for tasks in support of the Territorial Defence of the UK” whatever they are? The reason for me wanting to join the forces was to try and stretch myself a bit, hence wanting to be a dog trainer. Is the Kings troop’s really just all about working with/looking after the horses and nothing else, as I believe the house hold cavalry do tours? Is this not the same for the Kings troops?

    Sorry if I’m being really thick but as I say iv been sat behind a desk for the last 8 years and my knowledge of the Army stretches as far as old episodes of Solider Soldier I watched as a kid!

    Again many thanks.
  5. Tinker,

    As most people on here will testify, there is a long held suspicion that recruiters have quotas to fill. Think carefully before you sign on any dotted lines as you could wind up spending years in a job you don't enjoy.
  6. Like I said before, check your private messages
  7. Thanks for the advise redsquirrel, I think I pi$$ed the recruiting officer off a bit with my endless list of questions all to which he had trouble answering.
  8. IIRC there was a programme on the BBC about the donkey wallopers maybe someone here has a copy of it?
  9. Thanks, I’ll try and dig out the “donkey wallopers” programme, maybe I should stress its a BBC production when asking though.
  10. Household Cavalry is a good option for male recruits with horses as it also has an operational role, you can move from one to another. Recruiters do not have quotas! The Infantry do try to tell their cap badged recruiters that they must get x amount into the battalion. If they push for that they will get caught out. That is why an applicant as 2 interviews to check the reasons for the job choice. Any questions you need answering on careers pm me.
  11. B@llox
  12. The Queens Cavalry DVD available fron the Household Cavalry Regiment Shop

    Donkey wallopers......yawn
  13. Thanks, but due to me not having the relevant bits i.e.
    Household Cavalry is out for me.
  14. No bolleaux ?. You can have MDN's, and more besides.

    Try RAF Regiment