Help with Heaves!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ParaTrooper123, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. I did my pre-ADSC at Grantham today and was pleased with my results I passed the jerry cans test, did the 1.5 miler in 12.36 and did well in my icebreaker but I could'nt do a single heave. can anybody give me some advice or training tips on how to improve heaves?
  2. Concentrate on your running mate.
  3. if you want to do heaves you need upper body strength and strength in your arms. try some weight training. get a pull up bar and start cranking them out. if u cant do one then wait untill your upper body is stronger. alternativly you could use a resistance band. to take some of the weight off you when you try to pull yourself up. google it they arn't very expensive. its not too important about the heaves but i guess it depends on your job choice. personaly i'm going for the int corps and para as my second choice so regardless i need to be fit as possible.. besides the fitter you are the easier phase 1 will be.
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    Get a grip you wannabe . do it or f,,k off the site with your flash avatar and pretend notions of being a member of the Airborne forces, pm i.ll update you .
  5. Oops, sorry. I misread the thread title. I thought somebody was asking for advice on how to improve his puking skills.

  6. Get to argos, buy a cheap pull up bar, costs a tenner, or if you want to splash a little more cash these are better


    Stick it in a door way

    Start off by doing assisted pull ups (thats hands over the bar, not the inside of your wrist facing you) Get your knee on a chair or a flat surface so you can hang from the bar, with one knee on said flat surface. Know try and pull up, use all your upper body muscles, you wont be lifting your entire body weight due to one leg supported. Google it, they can also be done with bands which are easier and a little better

    If you cant do assisted yet, just try and hang from the bar, see how long you can do it for. When you can hang from the bar for around 20 - 30 secs I would say you should easily be able to do a couple of pull ups

    Every time you walk past the bar, either do a few assisted pull ups, or hang for a few seconds

    When you can knock out a couple of pull ups, do a couple evry time you walk past. You will find you will soon be able to do more

    Of course, alongside this, it would also be worth following a strength building workout to develop not only upper body strength, but core and lower body aswell, this will help with your running too!

    If you have access to a gym or gym equipment (and free weights not machines)

    Stronglifts 5x5

    If that is a little too difficult, follow the same program, but instead of 5x5, do 3 sets of 3 reps, so 3x3 for a couple of weeks

    Put in a little effort and you should be able to p*ss it mate