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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Big_Bertha, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Im a girl and planning on being a light gunner.
    It says in the job description of the AS90 (which is my second choice) that 'Gunners must be able to deploy as infantry as well as artillery'. Does this still apply to me as Im a girl? Would it affect the rest of my regiment if I join or would I be kept busy while they're out shooting? Orr.. does this just mean I'll be doing patrols? I have no problem with any of them, just need to know for interviews and to calm my mother down.

    And, bit of a stupid question but, futher down the line when Im a gunner, will I be bulky because of all the lifting or would I still be delicate looking?
  2. Honestly?

    OK. If you are looking to go to a Light Gun Unit, that'll be 40 Regt (I'm happy to be corrected by someone more current). My experience of having girls working on the guns was that they struggled with the weight and the manual lifting, especially on the nasties as the shells weigh 96lbs. However, girls seem to be more easily understood on the net and therefore are useful in the CP. (I await incoming on that bit!)

    With regards to the Inf bit, all soldiers are expected to be trade-trained first, "infanteers second". Whilst I doubt you'll be putting in advances to contact, recent operations demonstrate that battles are no longer linear so you should be prepared to get on your belt buckle and return rounds when required. Google a documentary on 1RHA on Op TELIC, as there was a female Gunner interviewed quite a bit on that. You might well be expcted to mount vehicle and foot patrols.

    As for the weight thing: if an 11 stone bloke bulks up from working on the gun line, what do you think will happen to you? (Cookhouse food might play a part, too). Good luck.
  3. The female in question from the documentry went on to be a gun no.1
  4. She did the course but was not employed as a No 1.

  5. If you want to go light gun as a female, there is nothing stopping you going to 7 or 29. Apart from the fact that (I think) no female Gunner has yet passed AACC to go to 29 or P-Coy to go to 7.

    BUT you can go.

    That leaves 40 Regt. There are female "gun bunnies" in other regiments (AS90 regiments), but it is unusual.

    The bit about doing the infantry role applies to all gunners - we are soldiers first, gunners second and if deployed on ops in the infantry role, we need to fulfil that role. That is not the same as being infantry (which females aren't allowed to be), so there wouldn't be restrictions on you being a female gunner (as it would not just be the gun bunnies on patrol) unless in that particular theatre they weren't allowing females to patrol because of the tactical situation.
  6. Its slightly off subject, but I hope you will forgive me as I think its relevant.

    The RAF Regiment has just started allowing women to join (Aux only) as front line troops (awaits comments about front line and There duties however would be such that they would not be allowed to come into aggressive contact with the enemy.

    So, that leaves them with things like female body searches, tea making and general kicking ones heels back at base.

    I would hazard to guess the same would apply to yourself if deployed to somewhere sandy.
  7. The most cringingly embarassing documentary ever made.

    The female in question was booted out of the Army soon after due to some cocaine, her nose and a CDT.
  8. As well as a coke-head and a drunk driver. Top CV there!
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  10. I also enjoyed the interviews with the bald chubster from South Yorkshire who had a light sprinkling of the downs and a far away look on his face, to this day Im sure he didnt know he was on tour..
  11. Basically yes. Why the hostility? Is she your chick or is 1st your unit? If the answer to any of the previous 2 questions is yes then........................snigger.
  12. god! why would she do that? it really effects fertility, hope she knows what a good career she has thrown away
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