Help with grave.

Sorry to be rude and join now i need some help but as a long time reader here i hope you can still help.

my mam died in 1973 and my dad put a black marble head stone with surround around the grave,on thurday 3 jan 2013 my dad died and the grave is beening opened for monday 14 jan ,now we have had a counciler say that the surround should not go back on because its easyer to cut the grass ,plus my son is also buried in grave too and his name is on the bottom end of surround ,but as you see it has been up for 40yr and there is other graves with same surround on in same area

Thank you.
Hi d.bow
I'm presuming that because a councillor has objected to the kerbstones being replaced that the grave is in a municipal cemetery rather than a churchyard (though the elected councillors in my town try to stick their noses in wherever they can...) I am a funeral director, I've never come across kerbstones not being replaced after a later burial, if you like you can pm me the details and I'll look into it, though your funeral director should have advised you
And just to add, kerbstones (surrounds) aren't often permitted now, but on existing graves aren't usually a problem, but I suppose it depends where you are and what policy the council have decided
My understanding of English laws on this, is that you have bought the said plot and are contractually obligated to it's upkeep. As the surround represents the boundary of the plot and it's outer-edge being its outermost point, I would argue that the original contract in it's entirety, is still in force - ie what you paid for with the graveyard's "owners".

However, don't just take what I say and get it clarified by someone in the relevant departments etc.
Cheers for clarifying, Jab :). My UK knowledge is hazy now, as I work with German graveyards and burials etc. and their law/rules are different.

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