Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by HarrogateSeptember2006, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Time flies when your enjoying your last few weeks before basic and then you realise that you start basic in ten days. Look down and realise you have a little more round the middle than you did after RSC. This is me. I start on September tenth, can anyone tell me the best thing i can do.
    Do i stick to the recomended one day training one day rest, or do i go to ten days training? HELP
    HS2006...all help welcome!
  2. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance - sorry mate you're fucked.

    Whatever training you do now won't make much difference in the next week. I suggest that you do as much as your body can cope with. Give it at least 48 hours to recover before you leave however.

    Not that it'll make much difference, everyone gets the run around. The only difference that your starting fitness makes is that it hurts less. Good luck!


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  3. To fecking late mate , you will be binned within a few days ! Only joking
    dont worry too much about it mate , there are people there whos sole job
    is to get you fit . The fact that you are going to Harrogate says you are a
    young un . So as long as you are not a complete fat bas@ard you will .
    Be ok , as for the ''train every other day'' thing , what a load of crap .
    Train twice a day for 4 days ensuring its a different activity each on
    that day , then have a day off . Make sure you turn up at Harrogate ,
    bright eyed and bushy tailed . Oh and the term ''Basic'' is a yank term
    who dont use ''Basic'' in the British army . Anyway best of luck .
  4. Whatever you do now, dont panic, over-train, and injure yourself. As has already been said, you cant make up much ground in ten days, so dont overdo it.
    Get out on your bike, if you have one, its a good way to open your lungs up without putting too much strain on your system.
    Get yourself down the pool, again, swimmings a good workout with a minimal risk of injury.
    Above all, arrive well fed and rested. Eat healthily, drink plenty of water, get eight hours kip a night and you'll be fine.

    Good luck and enjoy it, come Christmas you'll wonder what you were so worried about.
  5. Do at least 1 run everyday for the next 8 day's,you don't have to go out and thrash yourself,just take it easy and try and build your stamina up.Also practice your press up's and your sit up's and try and get some swimming in aswell.Also do yourself a favour and stay off the Alchopop's and get some decent Scoff inside you,stay away from eating Sh*te Food.The last 48 hrs before you go just chill out and rest,and then from the 10th onward's ENJOY...
  6. Read this and nearly cried! Then sod :D Cheers for your advice. Yea i'm not overly fat just a bit of puupy fat as they call it. I'm about 6 foot and 11 stone four so no major dramas. All other advice welcome as i'm willing to try anything!


    PS does anyone know if i cn sign MYSELF up for remedial PT?
  7. You don't sign yourself up for remidial PT you get selected,but this usually mean's that you are Sh*te !
  8. oh 8O i dont want that! Thats a bad way to start my career. I will just see if there's anyway to go for extra runs when i get there etc as i really need to put in extra work at beginning to make it easier on myself later on don't i?
  9. In your spare time you will not want to go on Run's ! You will want to Gonk...
  10. Something tells me that a little twinkle in my recruiting Sergeants eye when he said "You'll be fitter than you could ever imagine" was not a lie and i am in for a rather large shock. :eek:
  11. Looking forward to the fitness training myself, I was really unfit before I decided to join the army and I'd never want to go back to being totally unfit again.