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I have my AOSB Briefing at the end of next month and am revising/ reading up every day. Though am nearing the end of 'The British Officer' book by A.Clayton and will start 'The Making of the British Army' by Mallinson soon but these are very broad books and also quite similar. Can anyone recommend any specific books regarding the Engineers or Artillery as these are my 1st and 2nd choices respectively. Also if anyone can recommend another must read book before Briefing or Main Board please feel free to add to this. I was recommended reading 'Cordon and Search' about the airbornes involvement in Palestine but I feel this may well be too specific in that particular area. Anyway any helpful recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Good choice ;)

A Short History of the Corps of the Royal Engineers is worth picking up. I found a copy at my TA unit but I'm unsure as to whether or not they give them out to potential recruits. You can pick up a copy on Amazon though.
For an overall Knowledge im reading Charles Heyman the Armed Forces of the UK.

May help to give some information and fill some gaps
Yeah i've got that one, only read the army section though, do you think I should read the other sections? I did order the latest pocket guide but it doesn't seem to be coming out, there is a problem with it maybe because they have to revise it because of the latest defence review?

I'm currently reading The British Officer by A. Clayton thats pretty good and also have the Making of the British Army and the Oxford History of the British Army though these are all quite similar in nature, and therefore will probably not read them all the way through but instead just pick out certain bits.

Reading this forum has led to me just ordering The Junior Officers' Reading Club: Killing Time and Fighting Wars by Patrick Hennessey, cost me next to nothing on amazon as well as a book on the Taliban by Ahmed Rashid as well as Dusty Warriors by the late great Richard Holmes. I hope i've covered all bases regarding books but will of course supplement my knowledge with internet sites and journals and papers such as the Economist, The Times and Telegraph. If anyone has any other recommendations please feel free to submit them, as this will no doubt be helpful to others not just myself.

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