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Can anyone assist? Asking for a mate who was adopted soon after birth and she knows she was adopted but has only one piece of paper which gives her previous (birth name). How easy would it be to trace birth parents and where should she go to get info?

Any advice (apart from fxxx-off) greatly appreciated!


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Depending on the age of the friend, and how much knowledge she has, her Local Authority may also be able to help, particularly if she was adopted through them. The Catholic Church also has a big Adoption Organisation which may be of use.
The main problem here is age....a lot of geneology information is difficult to get hold of in the recent past (i.e. census records tend to be 100 years - although they seem to be breaking that rule)

Obviously the first thing to do is find her official birth certificate, with a date of birth, and name this shouldn't be too difficult, with a location it is even easier. Hopefully the birth certificate will have the names of both parents on it....possibly not if her mother was un married it may only give one and hence a reason for adoption.

Then you need to start looking for other births/deaths/marriages for the people named on the birth certificate...see if they have changed thier name or married or had other children. Unless there is a formal contact process then all you do there is start hitting the phone book....will be a sod with Jane Smith as your mother, but with a more uncommon name it could be possible.

One option would be the following website...

Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates - BMD Index

It has all the Births/deaths/marriages in the country in a database...although ordering the actual certificate is probably still needed to get the information from.

Thanks for all your replies. Friend is in her mid-50's and was born in Edinburgh, adopted by couple from Perth. Has a certificate of adoption but shows adopted parents' details. Someone mentioned the Scottish National Archives (I asssume the National Record Office like Somerset House). Any good?
Scotlands People is the way forward, with the limited info you have you should be able to get a birth certificate.
Once you have the Birth Cert that should show the parents name. (but may only show one)

You can get online right away as you buy credits for the site, armed with birth year and name (plus location to narrow it down) you should be able to get a hit.

Good Luck

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