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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by blind662, Feb 7, 2009.

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  1. I found my stable belt the other day and like you do try it on to see if it would fit, well it did and well chuffed the my waist hadn't grown toooooo much :D :D , thought I would show my boy, he asked me about the Corp's colours on the belt and why those particular ones, I don't know :oops: so would some one please help me out
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

  3. If my memory serves me correctly, i believe it is meant to represent bridges of steel over rivers of blood.

  4. Thanks Cow :D I did the google thing but to no avail, found loads on the Corp's history but nothing on the reasons why :x
  5. This is all the museum has:

  6. I bet Swordman could answer this for sure, shame he is not on-line
  7. true , and you probably wont find any other answer . :eek:
  8. Didnt think the brain cells were working so well.
  9. blue for the rivers we've crossed, red for the blood we've lost!
  10. And you got that from where?
  11. link


    When serving with personnel from other regiments, the following was often quoted at us, to describe our stable belt colours -

    Blue - is the colour of the river you should have crossed
    Red - is the colour of the blood you should have spilled
    Yellow - is the colour why you didn't!
  12. I was once informed by a drilly at Chatham the the blue stripes represent to rivers the were bridged during WW2 (I think) and the red the blood that was spilled in doing so. Sounds plausable.
  13. looks like its just not me then, no definitive answer, but thanks everyone so far for trying :wink: :wink: going to email the Corp's museum to see if they can help
  14. I think it could be more of a case of colours that have been taken from something - god knows what like! Maybe old uniform colours?(maybe forget that idea if it was introduced in the 50's hehehe)(i was told of the bridges over the river thing) If you look at the actual colour of the stripes on a Corps tie and compare it to the colours of let's say the HCav or even the Arty the colours are nearly the same (When i say colours i mean spectrum, not flags! :wink: )

    The RTR colours on their stable belt - Brown/Red(Crimson?)/Green have a similar saying to the RE one - Through the Mud,The Blood and the Green fields beyond - i believe? Is this not something soldiers have made up over time? Can't wait to find out by the way!!! hehehe :D
  15. On the old RE website, in the history I recall seeing a small picture taken from the Bayeux Tapestry, and in it was a small bloke, riding a horse, carrying a flag with the stable belt colours on it, and I assumed this was were it was from, ie the standard bearer of ol' Gundulf himself, or his batman, or something.