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Discussion in 'RLC' started by andypaddock, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. I'm trying to assist the CRSM with improving the Comms in the RLC and have been getting so good content for the RLC Armynet pages (just uploaded the detail about 2020 from an RLC perspective) He wants to get the RLC forum a bit more active (wouldn't take much activity to achieve) and has started a few topics.

    Any help would be appreciated, I'm just after some engagement from serving RLC so the information keeps flowing from RHQ to the Armynet pages and hopefully more people see it as a good source of info
  2. Have you considered putting "The Sustainer," or a Dii terminal in the local Greggs?
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  3. I was hoping for a slightly more serious response but that ranks as one of the funniest things I've read in a long while.
  4. You need to read more then!

    ArmyNet forums maybe aren't the best way to go - I know I don't use them and I don't think anyone I know does. That and there's a reason you came here to ask the question in your OP...

    I'd say the best way to improve comms with the Corps is be proactive, not passive. A good start would be to get the Dii address of all E2 RLC personnel (including those in small dets with other arms) and send something that lets us know what's going on in the Corps (other than what's in the 'stainer) and just so we know know the Corps a) knows where we are and that we still exsist and b) makes us feel a bit loved.

    I know the Chef trade communicates Corps stuff well - might be an idea to learn something from them!
  5. Andy

    Do you not see the irony that to improve the RLC bit of ArmyNet you have had to post on ARRSE to spread the word. ArmyNet is not, and will not be the forum that people want to use. Logging on is slow and clunky and your identity is visible. On ARRSE you can be who you want to be, which is probably why we have at least one serving CO and at least one RSM posting here regularly, but outwardly anonymously. By the way, could you let the Corps RSM know that either his legs are too long or that his FAD trousers need letting down by an inch. I would post that on ArmyNet, but no ****** would read it.

    Military comms should be done via the correct Chain of Command. ArmyNet will never get off the ground until you can view the forums without logging on and also post anonymously. ARRSE should remain exactly what it is; an amusing place to vent your spleen or discuss shite with like-minded souls.

    I hope this helps.

    Love and hugs,

  6. As somebody that uses Armynet as a resource, I have recently seen a huge improvement in the RLC pages. What I would like to see, is Glasgow pull its finger out of it's Arrse and improve and update the info in the MS RLC Intranet pages (for both officer and soldiers). This should be the information hub for all promotion policy and assignment information.
  7. Agree about Armynet. Don't know any one who goes there for any reason other than to find a specific bit of info (eg pay Statements if they don't have JPA access [Loan Service, weird Singleton posts etc]) let alone "Oh, I must do my daily check-in to see if there's anything important RLC-wise".
    JPA could possibly give blanket "Please see..." advice, but that would probably be unworkable. Same thing as Armynet, who goes on JPA "just in case....?"
    I appreciate what the CRSM (and you) are aspiring to (And I agree), but the most efficient way of disseminating info is by cascade. As HaaH suggests: tell the top Chef and he'll make sure all the other Chefs are aware. The AT trade communicates stuff by cascade and I'd like to think that Master Drivers, BOWOs, DOWOs etc do similarly (Apols Pet Ops and everyone else, but I assume you have equivalence?)
    COs/OCs etc - (there aren't that many) they can cascade to Offrs and/or WOs who continue the process.

    We're not inventing the wheel here; when it wants to, the Army has a tried and tested means of spreading the word via the CoC. Now, if those at the top can't be arrsed to to pass info on in a timely manner, it's all a bit pointless regardless.

    Andy - pls don't take offence: I see your good intentions, but I'm sure that you aid the Corps in far more productive ways....
  8. As people mentioned already i have just asked 5 lads sat near me if they go on the ArmyNet and 1 said, "look on my pay statement", all the others said no.I agree the login is a pain. And if you forget your password......its easier getting into Fort Knox!
    I dont bother with it. Arrse is better and you have found yourself going on here to speak to the majority about a forum the minority use!
  9. Albert, are you a wannabe loggie? You spend more time posting on here than anyone else!
  10. You dont get out much then..i was going to suggest a series of roadshows sponsored by Ginsters and also free courses on obesity and Diabetes 2 management - useful info like that could certainly increase comms and wom.
  11. If you want to "spread the word" post it on mumsnet, pads wives are great at passing gossip!

    Armynet is outdated and too much hassle to log on most of the Corps are either on/returning/Trg for tour, sat in tents on the Olympics or being made redundant so they are busy worrying about their surroundings not the view from Deepcut!

    Those in E2 jobs should try harder, if you don't know what's going on you obviously don't have many mates across the Corps!

    Hope this helps but I doubt it ;)