Help with choosing first posting for Crafty Avionic Tech

Discussion in 'REME' started by Ondy, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. With only a few more months left on my greenie course, weve been asked to fill out our posting prefence form and if someone could give a bit of advice id be grateful as i dont know which units offer what opportunities to be honest.

    I know id like to work on Apache, and go straight from my Avionics course to the next AH course, which i think is 3 & 4 Regt. and 7th Batt.

    But which of the AH units gets to go on the most tours or the next tour by the time i finish, which will be in late September. Where would i gain the most experiance. Really I want to learn and get to know the job in the shortest time possible, and do plenty of tours :)

    Also if have any other insights an experiances they'd be good to hear.

  2. **First of all, congratulations on your choice of trade. You are on the path of true enlightenment. God loves Avionics Technicians.

    Right, well without revealing which Regt's in it's ops cycle at present you can pretty much guarantee a tour regardless of which of the flying Regts you pick.

    Similarly with respect to 7 Bn, it all depends on which Coy you get put into, as each of the 3 Avn Coys are on different cycles and rotate regularly (again, without giving too much away).

    Whatever you do - if you want to work with AH - any one of the three will pretty much give you a guaranteed holiday in the sun, sea and sand (minus the sea).

    But that's where the work is (oh, and there's 1 and 9 too if you're still looking to go on tour a lot - with the mighty Lynx).

    Regards and good luck,

    Greenie Icon and Inspiration Extraordinairre.
  3. Rather than asking on the internet, why haven't you asked the military instructors in your branch/upgraders in the hangar/Duty of Care staff who are from the light blue persuasion?

    Face time is a lot better than keyboard time
  4. Soon as things get cleared up in the sandpit your posting options are simple, get a coin and engrave middle wallop on one side and dishforth on the other !!!!!!! thats how it used to be anyway .
  5. I thought about posting something similar Sparky - and call me cynical, but there are a number of instructors there that have seemingly made a living by avoiding this flying station - and have to-and-fro'd between NI, Odiham, Arborfield, IPTs etc. It's a strange world the aviation one. You get individuals who have spent their entire career here, and others that have spent it avoiding here.

    On top of that, there's upgrading and tiffy students there that could be approached, but how many of them when asked will reply with "it's shit"?

    Yeah, maybe I'm cynical :)
  6. tis true but that's why i selected a far superior trade lol ...out
  7. Slightly off toipc, my son is at Phase 2 Aircraft Tech and his intake has been at Arborfield since early Jan and has spent the last 4 months doing fatigues and this normal.

    I think he has done one week of maths and IT so far and that is all.

    Most of his mates are getting threaders with it.....he thinks guard duty is better than washing dixies for Sodexho, his previous job
  8. Depends.

    He could be in a 'holding platoon'. awaiting his course to start (or a part of his course).

    After all, there are a finite amount of instructors - some of which have coats that button-up over a number of other subjects.

    Pretty normal though. We had an 8-week stand-down on our Class 1 course. And our tiffy course was also delayed over the whole foot-and-mouth thing.
  9. Cheers Jester, yes he is holding pl, just seems a long time to keep intelligent lads and lasses hanging about, who by the fact they have brains the size of small planets get bored easy.
  10. And yet they struggle to fasten their bootlaces. :)
  11. Tell him to go here and have a look:

    then download the latest one of these:

    .....find a course that fits in with the dates he is mincing around in holding platoon and fill in one of these:

    .....take it to his company staff and they will let him go do some AT courtesy of Her Maj. The same goes for his mates as well. They should learn early on, it they don't ask they don't get. A theory I have fully kicked the arrse out of over the years.
  12. Techie, there have been thousands of posts on this site. Your post has got to be one of the best I have seen. Hopefully this will get around and people will realise what's available to them.

    Well done you
  13. I have, i just wanted some opinions from people outside arborfield.

    I put down as my choices 1) 4 Reg 2) 7 Batt 3) 3 Reg, anyone wanna take a wild guess where im going!

    Thanks for your helpful post JesterRIP.
  14. Good post :D