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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Gaz_tic, Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. HI Everyone. Im new to this site & any help would be appreciated

    I have to to give my 3 job choices soon before i have my interview. The problem is i still cant decide between air despatch, port operator or postal courier. Was hoping if anyone could give any advice on the 3 ive chosen. Information like - good travel, interesting, hard graft, boring & good for civvie life... etc

    Cheers guys

  2. Go for Ammo tech or pet ops mate. I've heard they are two of the best trades in the RLC. No offence to anyone of any other trade I may add quickly. It's just what I heard....... honest.
  3. OneThousand pounds for joining pinch point trades. Pretty good promotion prospects in the Pet Op trade at the moment as long as you have a brain in your head, lots of tours for us too. Small trade so within a year or two you know everyone Need any more advice give me a shout ok.
  4. I'm going for Pet Ops when i join up in 2 years.
  5. From your choices:

    Air Dispatch - Fly here and there, not many air drops occuring at the moment though.

    Port Op - based at Marchwood, 17 Port and Maritime for your entire career, hope you like boats.

    Postie - everyone seems to need one, so travel around the world, Op tours, Overseas Training exercises and some pretty good postings, believe they are undermanned at the moment so good opportunities for promotion. Not exactly the most exciting of jobs though.

    PS I'm not a postie.
  6. cheers stinker.. In your opinion what is the most exciting job in the rlc?
  7. Seriously consider Ammunition Technician. Hard to get into (there are 2 rounds of pre-selection now) but promotion is excellent (LCpl after phase 2 trg, Cpl 1 year after that, Sgt possible within 4 years). If you have A-levels in Maths/Science you can get a golden hello of up to £2500.

    The job has its ups and downs (like most trades) but regardless of what other people say you will do the majority of your time in 11 EOD Regt if thats your thing. You get a lot of responsibility and independence from early on and respect as a subject matter expert.

    Other choices are good too (Pet Op, Port and Maritime and Postie), it seems you've already made the best choice so far in joining the RLC.

    P.S. I am not an AT.
  8. Have to agree with stabandswat on this one:

    Ammunition Technician - running around areas of the UK/the World blowing munitions up has to be the more exciting end of things RLC, on the down side as "special kind" has already pointed out entry criteria is a bit strict and the other side of the job ammunition storage/inspection slightly tedious.

    Air dispatch - Lobbing things out of a plane has got to be a bit of a grin, lets face it, but not too sure how busy they are.

    Bear in mind that all RLC trades have postings into Commando/Airborne units for the more adventurous, if you fancy a more Teeth Arms feel to your work.
  9. I personally wouldnt go for air despatch but anything with technician in will be a high paying job especially ammo tech, plus you can go onto bomb disposal if youve got balls of steel!
  10. Posties a hard graft job bear it in mind that most all the lads work 24/7 365 days of the year but some good postings/excersises if you get a ex/ops sqn as a posting just dont expect to be in the UK for a long time (bear that in mind if you've got a g/friend or wife