Help with Bushnell Scope XLT Trophy

I have just purchased a Bushnell XLT Trophy 4-12X40 for use on my Weirauch PCP Air-Rifle cost £220 the most expensive scope I have ever purchased.

I already have a Bushnell scope which I am very pleased with, however, I am having problems with this one.

I have zeroed (tried) at 30yds but to no avail, I can get 4 pellets on target and thereafter all over the place, I have tried this with over a 100 pellets if not more.

I am contemplating sending it back to the manufacturer, but as they are stateside where in the UK do I send it to. Or has anyone had problems with this scope, any advice would be apperciated.

Bushnell were quite respectable scopes and are now badly thrown together Chinese shite. Had one myself for a .22 and it was the biggest pile of gash I've ever tried to use; back to the local gun shop it went.
I used a Hawke Varmint II scope. Never had any issues with it. Always dead on, and half the price of the Bushnell
The contact details for Bushnell UK are:
Unit C83 Barwell Business Park
Leatherhead Road
Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2NY
United Kingdom
Tel : + 44 208 391 4700
Fax : + 44 208 391 4733

I use a Bushnell Banner 6-18x50 on my 6.5 and never had a problem with it, didn't cost £220 either!
I had a similar problem years ago.

It turned out, when ******* around with it, I'd dialled it out so much that the reticle had come loose from the dials.
Basically the cross hair reticle was just floating about and not attached to the up & down dial. If that makes sense.

I sent it back and they repaired it, and sent it back to me with a note saying "Don't be knob, and stop ******* about dialling it out to the extremes, you pleb."

I can't remember what make the scope was though, it was over 15 years ago.
Mate, it will not be the scope, it will be your choice of pellets and your poor shooting ;)

HW love H&N FTT pellets or JSB Exacts.

I have a Bushnel Trophy 3-9x40 and I have used it on my old springer and rimfire and centrefire with no issues holding zero.

Change pellets and learnt to shoot straight :)

Edited: Your HK will have little/no recoil, so if your zeroing at 30yds and getting a few on target and then its spitting them out all over the place I would still look at pellet choice, maybe some of them have damaged skirts or heads?

If its the reticle thats moving you should be able to see it by watching the cross hairs as you give the scope tube a bang, to be honest though Im sure your scope has a glass etched reticle.

Just another thought, I have heard of problems like this when the silencer has had a knock and the pellets are catching it on exit, try it without the silencer (if you have one fitted).

Other than that sell it all off and get and AAs410c
Many thanks for the advice on this I do use H&N FTT pellets, as stated I have a Bushnell scope 3-9x40 which is a bloody good scope in fact I will be putting back on my Weihrauch, and sending the XLT to Bushnell for their attention.

Lesson learned why I paid £220 for a scope I will never know too much money and no sense, a moment of madness.

blurry: I don't regard my shooting as being that bad
Swap scopes over and see what happens before sending it back, also does your HW100 have a silencer fitted? The pellets clipping the internals has happened before, Im sure there is a post about this on the Weihrauch Owners Forum.
If it does turn out to be the scope thats just damn unlucky.

PS Theres some very good deals on a Hawke 6-18x44 with the SR12 reticle thats designed specifically for air rifles. Well worth looking at.

On another note, you mentioned zero at 30yds. For ease of hold over its far better to zero at 25m/27yds, This way when your gauging distance at different zoom magnificatiions you can set your zoom level so that with a 25m zero, each mildot/bar holdover is in 5m intervals on a high zoom and at 10m intervals at low zoom, this makes things far easier for targeting purposes.

If you havent got Chairgun Pro, get hold of it from here ChairGun Pro

Its a free ballistics programme that allows you to enter all your info, then come up with your range cards and scope reticle cards, you can also print them off and stick them to the back of your scope lens covers so you dont hve to remeber all your holdover values at different ranges, just look at the card. Top piece of software.

If you allready have it, sorry for teching you to suck eggs mate.

Hope you get it sorted one way or another.

Also check out Hunting Fieldsports, Shooting and Gamekeeping, Ferreting, Lurchers, Terriers, Snaring.


Ok welcome to the world of scope buying that the centre fire shooters inhabit. Bushnell and all of the lower priced scopes are just that lower priced. I dont insist that everyone mortgages their souls for a Leica but consider this, most stalkers spend as m,uch if not more on the scope as the rifle, that can mean a couple of thousand. Now I spend on average 5-800 on a rifle and similar on a scope. I will shop around but he scope needs to be top quality for those last minute of daylight difficult shots. If you spend money buying shooting the last thing you need is to miss the target because youskimped on the glass.
How much is your air rifle worth? Think about some decent glass for it and then shop around. Air rifles can **** up cheap scopes very quickly.
I think that last remark could be changed to read, 'some spring powered air rifles can **** up a cheap scope' But as the guy is using a pre charged rifle with basically no recoil he could use anything.

I agree there is no substitute for 'fast glass' if you can afford it for use on HMR and CF, but for air rifle ranges of a max of 60m for hunting with a humane kill shot in perfect still conditions? My young nephew uses a 3-9x40 thats worth about £50 and hes getting very good at snap shots at 40m lamping :)


Fair call but buying a cheap scope because its only an air rifle is false economy, good glass should be adjustable, hold its groups (if fitted properly!!!!!!) and most of all last as long as the rifle. I have some £100 rimfires with second hand £150 scopes on so its a case of look around. There are bargains to be had but if it looks cheap and is cheap then you get what you pay for!
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