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I've been asked by the Drama dept of the school I work at, to put together a set of costumes for an upcoming play. Whilst it is a Shakespeare play, it has a "WW2 twist" and the characters are supposed to be back in Yorkshire at the end of the war having returned from Italy. The nearest that I can get to this scenario unit wise is the 2/4 KOYLI, which google informs me was part of the 138 INF BDE in the 46 INF DIV.

I'm hoping to hire the uniforms from Khaki Devil, but the prices are still a bit steep for our budget. As to accoutring the uniforms, can anyone provide guidance on:
Correct head-dress (there is a mix of Officers & ORs)
Formation flashes. Which ones (i.e. Bde or Div) and where.
Anything else particularly relevant.

Thanks in advance!
Have you tried the local TA units?

A TA unit I was posted to still had battle dress hung up in the clothing store. It should have been binned years ago but was kept due to it's historical value.

It could be worth digging around.
Universal working head-dress for all ranks at that time was the universally-despised khaki General Servce Cap, which was like a big, floppy beret, made from two halves, with a khaki tape headband and cap-badge worn over the left eye. Officers did however, have the option of wearing peaked SD Caps.

Formation patch was worn on both shoulders, being the oak tree badge of 46 Div:

As 138 Bde was the senior brigade in the division, they had a single red horizontal strip just below the formation patch, of the same width as the patch and about 1/4 inch in thickness.

Unit shoulder titles would be 'KOYLI' - I think it was cream lettering on khaki, but it might have been white on red.
Speak to General Melchett he's your man for that kind of gear and knowledge. He's heavily involved with re-enactment, so will get things pretty spot on.

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