Help with baked beans!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Cheat, Jul 14, 2006.

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  1. Ok, in a new flat, and I cant find my tin opener. Don't think I've seen it since I moved.

    Heres the problem- I want beans on toast. I've made the toast, but I cant get into my beans. Any one know of any ways to get into them sing only my wit courage and various kitchen things?

    T C
  2. open it with the oven door al la vinny jones in lock stock :twisted:
  3. Microwave them.
  4. 8) Put the tin in a pot of water, bring to the boil and keep boiling until the tin explodes.
    Effective, but messy.
  5. You must be pi$$ed. Use the ring-pull.

    edited to add:

    It's on the TOP of the can.
  6. oh, and i've now got this fancy new Siemens touch activated elecric hob thingy... I can only get one of them going and its at full whack... Any one got any experience with these?

    T C
  7. I keep a 'tin opener' in my kitchen for just that event, You dullard. You deserve to starve - they call it natural selection!
  8. Just put the hexi burner on top of the one that works. It'll light a treat.
  9. Stand tin on ring.

    Tin will spontaeously open after a few moments, epecially if you dent the top.

    Tin will also succesfully turn off the ring.

    Beans will also be hot.

    Rest toast on top of can for best results.
  10. If you have a penknife anywhere nearby there is a tool on there to open a can, it looks like the bottle opener one but is sharper.
  11. Life so far...has it proven to be a bit of a challenge?
  12. Can't see the problem here. Any chiv with a fairly point blade will open cans as sweet as a nut! Wrap a bit of tissue or cloth around the blade, grip it low down and away you go.

    Or did I just bite?

  13. Like you wouldn't believe! I'm surprised I've made it this far....

    T C
  14. is it called a can opener perchance?
    Cos I heard this story once about a bloke called "the cheat" who didnt have one and asked for help to open his can in another way.


    (Yes the hatred levels are doing well today - no i dont drink decaf')
  15. Book into a hotel with room service.

    Beebs x