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My Father was in the Royal Corps Of Singnals from around 1960 to 1970 and I am working on some family history regarding him, his father and grandfather who all served in the army. I have identified the correct cap badge for my Dad and these are widely available, but I am trying to find out whether he would have worn a trade badge and what it looked like so I can have a better chance of finding one. He was a Radio Relay Technician and I seem to have found some contradicting info - either a cloth sleeve badge was worn or metal crossed flags but I favour the cloth badge as I know there were several distinct trades which I would think would have their own identity. Any help would be gratefully received.


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To the best of my knowledge, RR Techs never wore a trade badge. Generally, 'T' trades thought the heft of their wallets was sufficient branding.

There might be mileage in researching the units he served with and perhaps collecting the plaques for them, to show the breadth of his career.

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There were no Signals trade badges in the 80s, but I believe there were some earlier. This book would be the reference you need.

Royal Signals history.

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