Help with an overseas application?

Hi there,

I am relatively new to the forum, but have a question for anyone that can help me answer it?

I started my application in August, I was working in Greece and came back to the UK before returning to my family home in Canada. I am British, moved here when 13, now 20. It was early August and managed to get in for me BARB before my scheduled flight back to Canada. I passed the BARB with 85 or something? Not one hundred percent sure but something like that.

I had my pre-interviews as well, and got given my RG8 forms to take back to my Canadian GP to sort out for me. Everything was cleared after a few weeks and got told I was cleared for ADSC. The only hiccough is that I apparently can't be given an ADSC date until I am in the UK. I am only due to be in the UK for 10 days, and my AFCO is aware of this and they said that this shouldn't be an issue and the 10 day window will be fine. I have kept in touch as much as possible with my recruiter up until Christmas. The office is closed until the 7th, exactly one week before my flight out to the UK. I want to make sure that I will be able to get onto ADSC in that window, as I don't have the money to afford to fly back and forwards for it again, and the AFCO knew all about this beforehand.

I was told that until I land on UK soil I won't be given a date, but to me I am worried that it won't be as plain sailing as that and there will be problems, such as me not getting a date for a few weeks past then. I have a feeling, instincts tell me.

Is anyone able to shed any light on this situation? Either to ease me anxiety at the 'tight' ADSC appointment or otherwise? I don't know it seems too good to be true from my AFCO as I know some people are waiting a while for a date.


Hi Disco,

Yes I do have relatives in the UK, all of them really, only my immediate family are here in Canada. So should the need arise I can stay in the UK, but it is not the best thing to happen. I have a return flight booked due to financial restrictions, and my funds won't go too far in the UK for too long. So this is why I have a flight booked back here. Obviously I will stay in England if they cannot get me a date like they said, within that 10 day window.

My AFCO, as I said, know that I am only theoretically in the UK for ten days, but said that I cannot get an ADSC date confirmed until I am on UK soil, so I have to ring them when I land. Why can't they book me on ADSC without my UK presence? It doesn't make a lot of sense. I am just worried that it will become a lot longer than the 10 days, and I won't get a date until outside that window. The hope was that I get on ADSC, and obviously provided I pass, that I can then fly home to Canada and save for my flight back again should I get a date. If no pass, then obviously that bridge would be crossed at the time.

I wouldn't normally be worried, it is just that the AFCO isn't open until January 7th, exactly one week before my flight, so i fear that they have forgotten my situation, and turn around and say "we're really sorry but we actually can't get you on until 'such and such a date.'" Can you or anyone else perhaps suggest that what they said may be a possibility? As if that seems a bit unrealistic and false I need to make contingency plans.

Thanks for the reply!
You have to stop worrying about it, ring them on the 7th and go as planned. You will not find a resolution here for your situation, sorry.

sup rec

Book Reviewer
There seems to be a few stages missing in your application. Have you had an Interview 2 (Recruiters Interview) and Interview 3 (confirmatory normally with the senior recruiter)? Also have you attended a PSB? All these stages should be completed prior to attending ADSC. If you are not booked on yet then the chances of getting an ADSC date in the short time frame you have highlighted are pretty slim. Also, depending what job you are going for there may be specialist interviews required which need to be bid for after ADSC. You seriously need to speak to the AFCO and raise your concerns.

As for the statement "Why can't they book me on ADSC without my UK presence? It doesn't make a lot of sense", it does make sense. If you don't come back in country then that is a place that someone else could have had wasted.

Another point is that you are applying for a job. Surely it would make sense to be in the country in case there are any last minute details that need clearing up. You need to give a UK contact address for the application to be valid. All overseas applicants need to apply in country which you have obviously done but you have decided to return to Canada. It is not up to a potential employer to work around you as they have plenty of other applicants to consider. It is you that wants the job not the Army that needs you.

Probably not the answers you wanted but that is the way it stands as I see it.
Hi Sup rec,

I have completed the two interviews you mentioned, however not the PSB. This wasn't mentioned back when I was in the UK in August.

I shall be calling the AFCO tomorrow as they re-open and raising the concerns as planned, hopefully it won't be delayed. The last contact I had on the phone with with would have been mid-late November, and I did sort of, 'enforce' the question of it being okay that I will be able to get a date in that window, to which they said yes. As obviously that is my main concern. The whole point of me not being able to get there goes for anyone though, someone may miss their train or not wake up, they are too taking up a spot that someone else could have. But yes I guess it does make some sense, but just frustrating as I can't plan any accommodation arrangements.

You make it sound like I am expecting people to bend over backwards for me. Believe me I am not, I just want a few answers or input from people, such as the reason I raised the question. I wasn't/haven't been told a lot apparently by my AFCO, and such need other resources to find the info. I am not, as you make it seem, trying to be made 'adjustments' for, just purely the things I need to do, that's all!

I do appreciate the response though, seems I have some more digging/research to do before my flight back next week, so thank you for that.

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