Help with an ******** brother

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Big_Floater, Dec 29, 2011.

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  1. Alright guys, I am needing a bit of help with a brother who is a complete tosser..... I have recently moved back to the UK and during Christmas have been having some interesting chats with family members. The main concerns have been with a brother who now in his mid thirties is still living with my disabled mother and taking the piss. He has a bit of an edifice complex and thinks he is untouchable, he works for cash in hand and is also claiming to be my mothers carer when the closest he gets to that is collecting her prescription every now and again. He gets well in excess of £350 quid a week in his sky rocket, yet doesn't pay a bean to the old dear for rent etc......

    So he is made up, not having to pay his way, he plays the big man and indeed my mother is just a little scared of the shit, he works in a chippy yet he doesn't want anyone to know as it may lower peoples opinions of him as he larges it up with 18 to 25 year olds pretty much every night, night clubbing and playing the man to impressionable youngsters. He basically doesn't give a ****. He is big on drugs and from what I have been told is marked, and so is his car.... Which is a concern, he has a very dodgy temper which is due again to the fact he is off his tits most of the time.....

    Okay a bit breif but trying not to give it away too much at the moment... The Problems with this are...

    My mother cannot be told, she doesn't believe a word of it and as blood is thicker than water, she would never believe it anyway.
    If I say a word to him it will bubble the people who have told me and that would destroy my mothers current frinds and close family due to the point above.
    If he finds out, potentially WW3 would occur at home and as I don't live anywhere near, this would be detrimental to everyone else involved.

    I know he is probably going to be caught out all by himself as he thinks he is indestructable and the continual drugs, drink driving and blaitant disregard for anyone else will catch up on him, but I am more concerned about the well being of my mother, who refuses to budge, I have even offered for her to come and live with me and my family, but to no avail.... The last thing I would want is for the police to raid her house whilst she is there and it all come up in the wash as it would kill her...

    So, sorry to ask any advice from you guys, which could help this be resolved rapidly without any harm to my mother ( **** my brother, ******* ********)....
  2. My advice, keep out of it. You'll end up being the bad bastard.
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  3. I agree.

    Just have a contingency plan for when it all turns to sh*t.
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  4. Just checking to see that the o.p. wasn't my brother.
  5. Cheers guys

    Am working on a contingency plan, was hoping to push the inevitable along a bit
  6. Agree with Jarrod. Come between your mother and her beloved son and it's curtains.
  7. tip off the police about the stash in his car?
  8. Let it take it's own course matey, just hope the gopping **** doesn't kill anyone before he's nabbed.
  9. If you really want to do something bubble him to the social for claiming as your mums carer whilst working cash in hand, I'm sure the tax man would be interested also.

    If you don't want to do something, don't!
  10. Upon further reflection, why not have a chat to your brother man to man?

    Confront him with what you have heard and warn him of the potential consequences before you shop him.

    See how he reacts, are you a man or a mouse?
  11. I haven't spoken to my brother in 10 years.....suits me just fine.
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  12. Anonymous tip to coppers about him leaving pub whilst over limit should suffice night in cells if on drugs get caught with possession, worst case scenario coppers don't get him family is none the wiser unless you blab you made the tip.
  13. I reckon Jarrod's right. Just be there for your mother when it all turns to ratshit.

    I had a mate whose wee brother was just like yours. Likewise, his mother wouldn't hear a word against him. He eventually got 4 years for possession with intent to supply Class B (and a load of other stuff)
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  14. If it involves a large figure, they may put him under surveilance... not sure if they see his more illicit activities that they can then be used in court also.