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HI not sure if this is the right place to post .
i have suffred from chrones disease for 5years and recently had an op to remove the infected bowel.

i have applied for compensation AFCS and i was awarded a war pension but i am still serving,however this is awarded becase i had a split in service then rejoined 6 month later. AFCS have said my illness is attributable to service.

ok..... just seen occupational health today and they have said i am to be admin disch under med grounds,???
why would it be admin discharge when the war pension states the army was to blame. this is really bad for me i i have served 16yrs reached plt seargent and will leave with nothing.


To be pedantic, AFCS & the War Pension scheme are two different compensation schemes. As far as I'm aware you cannot be awarded or even apply for a War Pension whilst still serving, at least that's what SPVA told me.

If what you say is true I can't for the life of me understand though why SPVA have decided Chrones is attributable to service:

Crohn's disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A point to note, being attributable to service does not mean the army are responsible for your illness. As for you potentially being discharged, read PAP 10 it will explain the process.

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