Help with a picture

Anyone help?

I have recently seen a picture (second world war) of a soldier on guard (no particular distinguishing marks to ID Regt etc) watching as a fox (animal not vehicle) passes by. The text at the botom of the picture simply says "Pass friend"

Anyone give me info on its title, painter and where I can get a copy?

Much obliged.


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I can vouch for Berkeley Studios, I've bought Snaffles prints from him in the past, he's always at the Gamefair too. Note in the eighties a whole lot of reprints were done which sell from £50 upwards, many on ebay. They're fine if you want a picture but beware paying a full price for a cheaper unsigned recent copy.

"Pass Friend," was drawn when he was in the Home Guard and the picture is of a companion. As a matter just of historical interest, Snaffles held back a load of prints which were to be his "pension." They were stored in a warehouse destroyed by German bombers during the war.

Apart from his many many foxhunting pictures, others with foxes and a military hue which may be of interest include, "The Informers," "Tally Ho back" and "The Season."

A very good book, if you can get your hands on it, which includes most of his best known pictures is "Snaffles, The Life and Works of Charles Johnson Payne," by John Welcome and Rupert Collens. Out of print I think but the chap at Berkeley probably has it.

Not that I'm interested or anything............

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