Help with a one month training program for AOSB(B) please!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JayCam, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Right lads, help needed.

    I have my AOSB(B) on March 3rd but due to various injuries my training has not progressed like I wanted to and I am a couple of months behind where I wanted to be.

    I ran the bleep test yesterday and scored level 8.1 which is totally rubbish (I am male), as you all know I am sure, I need to be at at least level 10.2.

    So all help welcomed to get through these buggering 2.1 levels!

    My current training involves mainly 5 x 4 minute intervals on the rowing machine and stationary bike, plus 3 runs a week of between 3 and 5 miles.

    I am going to bang in some hill repeats this week and some downhill running etc..

    Since the injury was in the left leg I have been working my upper body and abs and am well on track with 52 press ups, 67 sit ups and 8 pull ups (I am quite heavy - to be rectified).

    So let loose: e-beastings, fitness guru scientific stuff, and all manner of "stop eating pies and beast yourself up a mountain for a bit" type comments are welcome.

  2. Ironic, I can only manage 25 to 30 press up's pushing it to the max, however I can bang out a good 15 or so pull up's full arm. :s

    Anyway that aside, do interval training, worked amazingly for me, run hard for 2 minutes, recover for 1 minute, run hard again for another 2 minutes, then recover for a minute and so on. I do that untill I can't go any further, pretty silly IMO as it can lead to injury, just a thought though :)
  3. Just curious, but what kind of tempo are you running your longer runs at?

    If you're running them fast enough, perhaps you should work on your turns during the bleep test.

  4. I agree

    Interval training bursts of up to minute sprints

    some sort of plyometrics and speed agility quickness to work on the turns and explosive starts to get back to speed on the bleep test - will PM you some details

    take care not to over do the sprints on hard surface - shin splints!

    Keep eating properly if you are going to up what you are doing - enough sleep/rest and don't knock it - massage - it works the muscles as well as easing them off!


    you do have to actually do it! I know I easily get drawn into having a really good session then a whole week has slipped past!
  5. Right today did a "fast" session of about 2 miles alot of which was downhill, really went like a bat out of hell, finished off with a bit of cross trainer and some weights at the gym.

    Felt a bit of a twinge in my left quad, so going to do some swimming tomorrow instead of running to let it heal.

    My longer runs are a bit random, since I have the edinburgh marathon looming in may my long runs have been at 11minute pace but generally they are 10 miles+ so I am having trouble adjusting to the sub 7 milers. Although I am thinking, do I even want to be doing anything over 3 miles this close to AOSB(B)?
  6. If ye don't mind that I hijack this thread for couple mins...

    I'm doing shite at the press ups. I can blast out 35 then 5 sets of 20. But thats it, the max I can go is 35. I have some dumbells and have been using them, (15 pounds in weight).

    I do my fitness malarky every second day which involves:
    30-40min run
    35 pressups then 5 sets of 20
    40 situps then 5 sets of 20
    all manner of dumbell curls and whatnot and around 15 reps for 5 sets each.

    biggest thing is my pressups, once i hit 35 i lose power. what's my best option? I started to train both in the morn and evening this week. should i do anything else?

  7. Soldier Z:

    Dumbell curls are not going to help you, the work the biceps which are not really involved in the press up motion. You want to be hitting the triceps. Try tricep kick backs, and skullcrushers (google search for instructions).

    You sound like youre at the same stage I got stuck at. Try working on endurance by doing thousands upon thousands of "girl" press ups (on your knees) as I found it helps with the endurance of the muscles. If you can do 35 press ups you should be able to do between 80 and 100 girl push ups.

    Also I had great success using those press ups bars. You can get the same effect without spending money by doing them on your knuckles but risk damaging joints yadda yadda...

    What I am doing now, is working my muscles to failure but only using low weights. I feel it helps with endurance.

  8. One quite good exercise to try is slow press ups, 3 x 10 sets of 3 seconds up, 3 seconds down. We do it as one exercise in a weights session, bit of a killer but good for you :D.
  9. cheers jaycam, you're a legend. I'm defo not doing enough tricep exercises. I'll work on that now. try get the endurance thing going. also I have those pressup bars, I just never use them!

    cheers again mate and best of luck yourself!
  10. I'll start those aswell. thanks for the tip!
  11. Check out this website:

    It includes a two-part physical training program to whip you into shape for Navy SEALs selection, which is probably one of the most physically demanding special forces selection courses in the world.

    I followed the Schedule I and II for running, press-ups, sit-ups, dips and pull-ups for the full duration; in the end, I was able to max out at 117 press-ups (in one go), 180 sit-ups (in one go), 80 dips (in one go), and 22 pull-ups (underhand grip, in one go). I almost got my 1.5 miler down to under 7 minutes.
  12. As seem as the bleep test and 1.5 mile tests all take place in the anareobic threshold of your heart rate, you need to train for that. At the moment you may be traing aerobicaly which is good for fitness and endurance. But you need to focus on improving your anaerobic fitness most, so training at a heart rate of 170+ depending on your age should be ideal. I used to train aerobically almost everday but ended up injured so watch yourself. Also, on the bleep tests people often get slowed down by the turnings so try and practice turning at speed. Your upper body strength sounds good, but try and vary the excerises if you are not already doing so. For example do crunches and planks for your abs which will also help your sit ups. If you have a punch bag get on it, I have on its great for training both CV and strength. Also if you haven't already got one, try and invest in a pull up bar, I got one not long ago and can easily bang out 10+ pull ups everytime now (reminds me need to try a PB).

    Oh and nearly forgot, stop eating pies and beast yourself up a mountain for a bit you fat bastard :p
  13. Just read on the website that applicants must complete a 50 metre underwater swim!!! Is that even possible? Im knackered even after 25 metres underwater.
  14. Its not that hard, technique more than anything, optimising your efficiency and also having a big set of lungs helps. Saying that I dont know if I could manage 50m but I regularly do 25 with not much bother so reckon i could stretch to 40 maybe. Then again I grew up on a tiny island so I am a pretty good swimmer.

    If you wanna try it, I find the most efficient way is to do a breast stroke movement then pause at the end of the stroke until your momentum has almost stopped before you initiate the next stroke (all of which should be big and smooth). I find that if you try and prepare for the next stroke while you are still moving it destorys your momentum and ends up being really inneficient. So my logic is, start the next motion while you are allready stopped and get the most of the "glide".

    Cheers for the info about the anerobic threshold. I never really considered it like that but of course its true when I think about it, the bleep test is maximal so it is obviously the threshold where most improvement will come from. I am thinking I might hit the swimming pool quite alot as it makes for very convenient interval training at high intensity (sprint front crawl out, easy breast stroke back).

    On another note I think I have definately overdone something. I have a slight but definate twinge in my left quad, probably for last running session. Am giving it rest.

  15. I have the swimming pool reguarly again after I packed swimming in well over 4 years ago. It was hard coming back, I was absolutley toss at front crawl but have been swimming for around 4 months now and am doing well. Its is great as cross training but I am not sure what heart rate zone average front crawl trains you in?

    Yea, give it a rest but cross train if you can. I should be back on the roads soon after a shin injury. (Fingers crossed)