help with a medical question

Last year I applied to do my RCB, submitted all my forms and it was fine. I changed my mind during the summer and withdrew my application as I was offered what I thought would be an immense job.

Didnt work out so I reapplied but this time round I failed on medical terms as my optician(different one this time) put down I have a problem with my eye. My previous optician gave me the all clear on this.

Ill be ringing AOSB on Monday to look in to appealling. Is there any chance of them reconsidering if I get another optician to do my form? Has anyone had a successful medical appeal?

What exactly is wrong with it? Were you already wearing specs?
I always had specs, according to the optician I have a vision problem in part of my right eye, ive always had it. Its never stopped me from doing anything and I see fine with specs/contacts(i only need them to see things at distance) and Ive been in the TA for four years now without any dramas.

I know I'm going to have to ring them anyway I'd just like to see other peoples experience or if they have any top tips?
It isn't your call to say how good or bad that problem is - hence the optician highlighting it. AOSB have certain criteria and they know what is acceptable.
The answer to the medical question is that the medical centre want you to compile all of the evidence that the condition does not affect you. With a covering letter addressed to the MO.

I will be submitting a new opticians report this weekend.Fingers crossed all goes well.

Cheers for the responses, I can appreciate it was a pretty bone question unless you happened to be the MO at AOSB.
Hell, just do what everyone does. Memorise the bottom line of the eye test and bluff your way through.

Though I don't advise going AAC if you do this.
What is the problem exactly?

I happen to have the relevent JSP on eyesight to hand and may be able to offer some help.
Read the post..... basically my eyesight report said i could not see in the upper right quadrant of my left eye.i disagree with this.

just got my second eyesight report done by second optician, he filled in my form and said I had passed the required standard and he checked my field of vision, so no dramas.

just fingers crossed that thats good enough to knock the old one on the head and the MO is happy with it.

not going AAC fortunately-infantry..........

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