Help with a beret/badge for Rememberance Sunday

I have forwarded this on the advice of the ACF Group.

Apologies, is my first post.

My lad had joined the ACF is having a great time. He's spent the weekend freezing his bits off and selling poppies.

His Company Commander has allowed the cadets to wear the cap badge/beret of a parent/grand parent.

I have the correct beret and cap badge for his gradfather, however the badge seems to sit very high. Nearly an inch from the leather band on the beret. I have pics but can't upload, but can email.

As I have never served, I have no idea if this is right and I can't ask Grandad as it is a surprise.

Am I using the wrong badge? Is there a beret badge?

Apologies if I'm not making sense, just want the lad to look perfect for his Grandad.

A Proud Dad
My I enquire as to which cap badge ? It may have some relevance.

As a serving part timer... My own cap badge sits as high or low as I like depending upon where I cut a hole where the badge should be.

Once upon a long ago, when I was a cadet (ATC Space Cadet), the badge fitted in the ventilation holes and thus wasn't a problem.
Grandad's regiment was the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, now 3 Rifles.

Thanks to everyone on the forums, I think I have it sorted!

Many thanks.


Koyli badge was quite small and could sit high or at least look like it did! KOYLI were amalgamated in 1968 into the LI, the move was such that they in the main became 3 LI but all the founding regiments silver was shared out so that a thread was preserved throughout the new regiment. 3LI became 2 LI under options for change but legally were disbanded although 1 LI was the Bn swallowed up which became 5 Rifles eventually!
Unfortunately not - at little closer to home.

The old man is not fit to travel much these days and so we will be taking Rememberance Day to him after the parade the Memorial here in the village.

I know that he has two places he wants to visit again before the Holy RSM calls him for duty upstairs.

The KOYLI chapel at York Minster and Malaya.

York is no problem and will happen next year. The other, well plans are afoot, but I fear the Holy RSM may call him up first.
PM me if you are close to York, I may be able to help and make it less like a helicopter landing pad and more like a "Nails" beret for a proper ex serviceman!

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