Help with 60'sFFR Land Rover history with 3 Div, poss recce?

I have an old military short wheel base FFR Land Rover , built in 62 and demobed in 71, I am restoring it but can't find the history can any one help?
I have found a 3 Div badge on the front wing, a black '9' on the rear diff which was painted white and the hindges which suport the windscreen have been cut when in service, the only thing I can think why is for an imporovised GPMG mount. It also has the spring hangers painted red prob for lashing down to be taken out the country on a ship, could it have been a recce vehicle in Aden or somewhere else?
Thanks for any help in advance, Dave
Yes, I've had it since I was 15 (now 31) so taken a while! I show it with a club and would like to get it looking as close to how it would have been when in service to preserve it for the future.


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They did not normaly fit forward firing MGs on Landys very often in those days, except for the SAS (Pinkys) but they did put quite a few Wombats in the rear of 109s in almost all none armoured infantry units, so that is the more likely reason for it haveing the windscreen removed,although some units did this in Nortern Ireland to, improve vision, cut down the profile,give speed of debuss,look very wary. while driving around the countryside.

Does it have some holes in the load bed that seem to have no reason, as they had rails fitted for the Wombats wheels to run up when loading


Hello, someone from my club has also said about it might have had a Wombat but no unidentified holes and I think the barrel suport just fitted through the hole for the windscreen so it could be folded flat when in use? I have only seen a few photos of old Landys with GPMGs, there are some on 'Britans small wars' under Aden but they are not clear enough to see how they are fixed on which is why I thought I would ask here.
Thanks for advice, I will have to look into it further, Dave.
Unlikely to be a wombat fit as its an SWB and FFR, when I was with the maritime bit of the old army I dont recall spring hangers being painted red for any reason to do with lashing them down. Same with my airportable experience.
Spring hangers painted red? Would that be glossy pillar box (or signal) red, as applied to various bits that need checking to ensure that they're not falling off. Or is it merely matt red oxide (red lead) that acts as a primer and could have been applied as a corrosion protection?

As jcm says, Wombat-carrying portees were stripped out GS 3/4 tonners with channels fitted in the back to guide the Wombat's wheels.

I've found a photo of an Aussie Land Rover (1/2 ton) with an M40 recoilless rifle fitted in the back, but Wiki says this fit wasn't used by the British Army. File:106mm land rover.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I can't think why anyone would want to cut the windscreen hinges but... ...although the windscreen is hinged, it was never a good idea to actually fold the screen down. On the ones I've seen, the metal at the bottom of the glass rests on the edge of the spare wheel and that's the only point of contact. There's nothing (as I recall) to stop the windscreen bouncing up and down. The repeated motion stresses the hinges and they break. So are you sure that the hinges have been cut and not just fractured?

The other thing about FFRs is that they tend to have important bits of paper floating around in the back, so the canopy would be unlikely to be removed otherwise they'd blow away. Also, the radio op in the back liked to have some illumination at night so that he could see what he was reading/writing and it was a pain in the bum stripping off and refitting the canopy, so it would be left on. A lot of units went to the trouble of fitting plywood to the sides of Rover so they could hang maps and bulldog-clipped message pads etc. Not authorised as permanent fittings (i.e. you couldn't put screw holes in the Land Rover), these were fitted to the canopy frame with plumbing fittings. The canopy covered the plywood to keep the rain off (???). When it came time for annual inspections, the plywood was removed and hidden away to be replaced later.
Hello, the red was a bright gloss red which was painted around the area where the bolt went through the very front spring hanger, I haven't found it on any of the others yet. The windscreen hindges are definatly cut and looking at it it was done in service as it has a later coat of paint on it before release (it was painted blue a few years after the army sold it), also I know the person who has the Land Rover made previously to my one (46 DM 58) and it also has the same cut windscreen bracket, all very confusing? I agree that most FFRs had the top up but this is the only reason I can think that somone would go to so much trouble at cutting the hindge and keeping it safe for when the windscreen went back on.
Dose any one know what units were using SWB FFRs in 3 Div in the early 60's and any which might have had a '9' on the rear diff as I might try a few regimental museums for some help as well.
Many thanks for your help, Dave
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