Help with 1st Posting

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by SSDD, Sep 14, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where i can find an up to date list of postings for CMT LCpls?
  2. Well you could go to the APC (AMS) intranet site and look at the post finder under the employment section.

    Or would that involve too much initiative?
  3. saucer of cream for one please!
  4. With a dash of sarcasm and a hint of patronisation
  5. Ha! are you trying to tell me you didn't want to say the same thing?
  6. Just a it narked that you beat me to it !!!!
  7. Or possibly accept the fact that you go where you are told to.
  8. Tech Wrote:

    Lets pretend that SSDD is a LCpl CMT in a Regt, thats a Regiment big scary place for you techies ! it would be very unlikely that he/she would have access to the intranet !

    Its so easy to be patronising from a position of authority !

    I suppose if it was a snotty nosed ODP you would hand deliver the info !
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The fact the ODP could go to Iraq* or a MDHU would negate that problem

    *Unless they are of course down-graded like 75% of the trade!
  10. Lets also pretend that since he/she is savvy enough to find their way here, he/she will be savvy enough to to ask a responsible adult to get at the page.

    You do seem to find it so, yes.

    Would I? I am more likely to berate them for not managing their career well.

    Working in hospitals (thats a big confusing place with sick people for you non-tech types) I would expect everyone to know, the limited number of places where they might go.

    I also think that I gave him, or her, the information that they required. Just how many LCpl CMT posts do you think there are? is it reasonable to expect a posted list, involving the work they they should be doing off their own back?
  11. A VERY LARGE saucer of cream for one..............and med regts are for pussies
  12. A CMT Lcpl and it's your first posting?????
  13. Wow, I get a mention without even making a comment!!

    but if it was a newly qualified ODP Id say 'well, its an MDHU for you for 12 moths, which would include a 3 month operational tour to say, Iraq, towards the end of the 12 months. Then your next posting will to a field unit, more than likely 16 CSMR where youll be treated like a CMT (but with a bigger wage packet at the end of the month) for 2-3 years before returning to the world that is clinical and deployable.'

    See, newly qualified ODPs know exactly whats going to happen to them for their first 3 postings.
    and I didnt mention agency once!!
  14. FF Wrote:

    Well you know what is going to happen to them for their first three postings ! Do they ? Oh of course they do they are super intelligent beings that know everything once qualified !

    Silvester Wrote:

    Where in SSDD's post does it say its his or her first posting ?
  15. they are informed of what their first 3 postings are likely to be like while they are on the course.

    Silvester Wrote:

    look at the subject heading

    dont worry VC, it is Friday afternoon and its been a long week.