Help , who is Andrew Mulligan

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by wheel, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. There is an estate nearby me with street names belonging to Victoria Cross winners. I have enjoyed reading up on them. However one street bears the name Andrew Mulligan and I can not find any history of this person with a military back ground. Can any one enlighten me please ?.
  2. If that's Andrew Mulligan Close, Stoke on Trent...then it is named after a local politician. Yes, hugely disappointing I know.
  3. Cuddles many thanks. Why would thay put a politician in with three of our bravest soldiers ?.
  4. Hoping for some reflected glory perhaps?? - bloody walts!
  5. don't ask me, why would Stoke on Trent celebrate Robbie Williams as its most distinguished former citizen if they have three VCs and councillor Mulligan to fall back upon?? :lol:
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  6. I thought he was the mortar platoon sergeant in Kelly's Heroes who kept on dropping rounds on his own side.
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  7. Or even Sir Stanley Matthews.
  8. What Robbie Williams the fat druggie ex boy band crooner?
  9. Thats the kiddy "the fat dancer from Take That".
  10. CtH,

    He was a member of the 1980's boy band called, ' Have This. '

    If I remember correctly..
  11. Or was it 'Bugger That?' as most of the band seemed to do?
  12. That was 'Frankie goes to Hollywood' dear.
  13. Oh yes Josey, you're usual!
  14. Not "Paddy goes to Holyhead" then.....
  15. Famous for his "lucky underpants"