Help! Whats A Good TA Unit to Sigh To??

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Control-it’s_an_illusion, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. Direction anybody???
    I have decided to join the TA and getting nowhere fast!
    I have been at an artillery unit for over five months now and I am yet to go on the ‘look of life’ and under go the CMSR training, Is this the norm or am I being impatient? :frustrated:
    Can anyone suggest a challenging TA unit in or around London Essex or Kent that will actually train people and send them on the Commando course or P Coy??? (I think passing one of these would be a good foundation to work from)
    I would like to think I am dedicated and will apply myself to anything worth while but the extended promises of ‘things are happening’ is not cutting the mustard any more. So I would rather ask people in the know than waste another 5 months of my life playing the trial and error with TA centres around the south east. Does anyone have any good suggestions, if so what are they?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. My mates in 3PWRR(infantry) he says it a great regiment and he says they cover from kent to portsmouth
  3. If you want hard work and you have the stamina and comitment and are physically up for a challenge then why not go for the royal Marine Reserve (RMR) or there's 21 SAS, but bearing in mind with the latter you will get to know Wales senic beauty up close and very personal also the failure rate is very high over 100 apply approx 10 get in if your lucky. or theres 10 Para.

    I hope this helps
  4. Or not. 4 PARA is the TA Para Battalion now.
  5. Thanks Praetorian i stand corrected 4 Para
  6. On a planet called Earth
    Thanks guys, I have thought about 4 Para and I will get myself down to White City to take a look.
    21 SAS sounds like it would take a lot of stamina and dedication, both which I have, but for the time being I think I need to learn the basics before I go making my self look silly around people who really know there stuff.

  7. 21 quite like people who come fresh from civvy street as they teach it there own way.
    but its every weekend for a year so no life outside selection theres also the honurable artillery company they do something slightly special forces like as well
  8. Re: Help! What's A Good TA Unit to Sigh To??

    Sounds like your present unit is making you sigh too.
  9. 289 Para Troop RA is in Romford

    but why not try the infantry - its tougher and more rewarding than you might realise. Try G Coy, 7th Rifles in West Ham, or E Coy, 3 Royal Anglians in Chelmsford, or the PWRR in Kent (not sure of any locations).
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Control - check your pm's
  11. HAC used to be a good option, they have a role of 4 man OPs doing STAs and have deployed to quite a few of the operational theatres. Massive barracks in the city and free membership to the Holmes place gym that was developed on site. Suffer from being a military regiment and an old boy's club mentality..which if you went to public school and/or are ex-Sandhurst might not be a bad thing.

    Only slight problem is that they are now badly down on numbers and have canned one of their squadrons. Morale is apparently very low now.

    An odd bunch in that they are influenced by the guards, the artillery and some of the specialised communities. Artillery is the paymaster. So, it means the environment goes from the ultra **** to the more chilled out, depending on where you are and what you do in the regiment. The patrol sqns are the best place to avoid as much of the b*s as poss but if you're looking for a more professional environment with greater esprit de corps and more identity with a regular unit then 4 PARA,RMR OR 21 might be better options.

    The initial training is good and places a lot of emphasis on self sufficiency and individual fitness. Tails off a bit when joining the sqns as ceremonials and regimental training interfere with things.

    Rumour on the street is that they might be re-roled but as they are tied to Arty options may be limited. Was talk at one stage of them becoming another branch of 21 or doing more COP/INT activity than STA.

    Grapevine suggests the environment there is getting a bit stale.