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Discussion in 'RLC' started by backpassarge, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. I have been a bit cheesed off with the rlc for a while now and think my job is shit as are most of the seniors and officers iwork for. i am stuck in the rlc now for the next 3 and a bit years and was wondering if there are any options to get attached to someone else or doa different job. I dont think I am ready to call the whole corps shit and i reckon that iwould be a good pti/ msi or something like that I got a good score at the recruiting office and did well at school where i got 2c's and 4d's my best subject was geography but i flunked my exam. it didn't matter though cos all i ever wanted to be was a soldier and that is why i think i feel that the rlc is a bit rubbish. I am doing driver at the moment and very fit (PFT time is 08:50ish) I was wondering what people wood suggest to me to do in the rlc or should i go to the infantry or something cos i like the army just not happy with the rlc

  2. Go to a transfer fair and see what other jobs are out there, or speak to your RCMO
  3. how do i get one of them? i think my fullscrews and that will go off their heads. Have already spoke to the rmco and he said that i should wate and see how thigs turn ou over the next few months and not be to hastey but i think if i do not get quick with this then will just end up leaving or getting in trouble like other lads i know
  4. If you're going driver then this indicates that you are still in phase 2 - do not make any decisions on your future based on training it is so far removed from day to day army reality.

    It is very easy to change trade in phase 2 as they've not yet spent any money on teaching you a trade. Speak to your Troop Sgt for advise on how to change. Pioneer is pretty much the most infantry style trade we offer but driver is quite warry with all the force protection duties on tours.

    Remember the Army is a lot larger than just the RLC and infantry - theres bound to be something out there for you and, as mentioned above, an internal recruiting fair is the best place to see whats on offer.

    Good luck
  5. i left phase2 earlier in the year and am at a large unit in aldershot (hampshire) i don't wanna say much more. I thought I would have seen more trades in my unit and not any of the ones I have seen seem very happy which is why i asked the other day about the corps not liking each other. where do ammo techs go? there are none here I have read the threads and there seem to be loads of trades out there tha i didn't know about there are loads of dvrs tha feel the sme and alot of lads i speak about this to only joined the rlc for licences
  6. backpassarge

    You don't like Driving your current Seniors or officers but don't really explain why.

    Driving. What did you expect when you joined the RLC as a driver? It does exectly what it says on the tin after all.

    Seniors and Officers. There are good and bad throughout the army so jumping ship may not be the solution.

    All advice above is good, your education centre can tell you more. However you will be talking to recruiters whose job is to tell you what they think you want to hear.

    Talk to anyone you can about their trade without commiting yourself try a few courses. You are in an organisation that will happily let you try trades until you are happy unlike say MacDonalds where if you don't like burger flipping you can move to bun dressing.
  7. Ask for a Tp Comds interview for a refairal to see your RCMO. He should be able to point you in the right direction, There are at least 13 trades within the RLC alone to choose from.

    As for the Corps not liking each other some trades/ individuals don't like it but the majority have accepted the changes. Banter between trades will allways be part of life and to be honest its what makes the army what it is you wont get this camaraderee in civi st.
  8. Thanks for all of your comments above

    when i joined up i was told that i would be a soldier first and tradesman second which was what i expected all i have really done is stable parades and guard duty been on the range and fired about 50 rnds. my seniors dont wanna talk to me about it and seem to busy to care that i am unhappy
  9. Stable Parades are you in a 1700s time warp? (Or secretly with the HCMR)
    Guard Duty comes with the territory whatever your trade.
    If you've just joined its the Cpls that should be your POC.
  10. Internal transfer fairs are always advertised on Part 1 orders a couple of months ahead.

    Try and volunteer for a tour so you can actually do your job for a time.
  11. Check your PM's and just in case people get the wrong impression 'stop whining! You sound like you belong to a far more 'intelectual' CEG!
  12. I have the same problem my seniors hate me and never speak to me either
  13. You been looking in the mirror again and wondering who the ignorant Lance Jack is?
  14. If you want my advice then fk the RLC off! Bunch of lazy free loading c.unts and join yourself a real corps!!!