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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by IdleAdjt, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. I hope someone can help me. I am trying to get the phone number of Bob the Unwashed, Boner, Chris Martin or any other pop celeb who does good work. I have a heafty credit card bill and would like them to bang on about it for months and stage a concert to pressure HSBC to wipe my debt. I already have agreement from the bloke who runs the village hall and said we can have the concert in there as long as we clean up after.

    I shall also be organising a march on the Canterbury branch of HSBC to highlight my problem. I am calling it Masterb8. It will be held on Sat 16 July at 1200. Anyone who fancies joining inshould PM me and I'll give you the details of the park and ride system and where we will assemble. We will begin marching at 1200 and should arrive outside the HSBC branch about 7 minutes later. We will the sit outside and stroke our old dogs until we achieve a group climax.

    After that and a quick clean up it will be back to the Anchor for Stella and pork scratching until; the pop stars turn up for the gig.

    So far, Chaz and Dave have given an encouraging "Maybe" and Nick Berry has said he'll do "Every Loser Wins" if I bung him £40.

    I need tour support. With my crippling debt I will not be able to go skiing this winter.

    Raise Awareness- Masterb8.
  2. Count me in IdleAdjt.

    Please PM me the details. I also have issues with HSBC and am well up for the Stella and Pork Scratchings and stroking old dogs.
  3. You can only get it wiped if you spent the money on arms and have an account with a Swiss bank. They have standard to keep you know.
  4. Don't forget run a small downtrodden African nation. :roll:
  5. In the spirit of masterb8 I have been designing a special band that you can wear on your wrist to show solidarity: either a red hoop or a pink wrist splint - I'm not sure which is more appropriate.
  6. Declare Howe Barracks to be the African Republic of Howesania, bankrupt the Serjeants' Mess, beat up the recruits, then apply for aid.
  7. Can't make the march I'm afraid, but I can lend you an old dog, in case someone turns up minus their own.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Some of the houses near the main gate of Howe Barracks contain inhabitants who would be at home in a third world State, and indeed are doing all they can to reduce the area to one on their own.

    A good place to start by declaring independence from 'lower Canterbury' :)
  9. I am all for it suffering like yours never gets the attention it deserves.
  10. i went to the rally held last year.john prescott gave a display of his sparring skills.i brought along a tray of sausage rolls and they went down a storm.
  11. .... and I can lend you a length of tatty string.