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Help wanted


Book Reviewer
I could do with some G1/G3/G4 assistance and wondered if the assembled august members of my old Corps could help out.

I have a reasonably senior role in a largish organisation - commercial, not government. The quality of writing, planning and reporting my guys are capable of is a matter of concern to me.

Can anyone point me at digests for things like the military appreciation, structured report writing and the 7 questions thing, which I can then file the serial numbers off and present as a potential DS solution for my people and perhaps the starting point for some internal training?

Note that I have no access to any internal military resources.

subbsonic said:
If you have never worked for an argumentative, former northern grammar school boy,<with a penchant for Sidney Bechet and fresh coffee in fine china>, in either 120 or 163,

suggest you start here: Fowler's modern english usage
Thanks for the thought, but it's specifically the approaches and format I was after. I need the chaps to think things through logically and the good old Army drills have stood me in good stead. That said, I don't think I can reconstruct what runs on semi-auto in the neural pathways sufficiently to make a handout a 24-year old civilian network analyst can understand.
flash_to_bang said:

This link takes you to a pdf version of JSP 101 - though you probably already have that.
Good stuff. Of course I'd forgotten all about JSP101 - off to retrieve it now.

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