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Before you all start, I've used the search function already, and I've got my appointment booked with the resettlement bloke and a CTW is in the offing, but for now I need help of a more pressing nature.

I have already started applying for jobs, and a WO2 told me that the CV was just a door-opener for an interview. So, I sent off some applications for a few jobs I think I could easily do, but embellished my career so far just a little. I have been lucky enough to be invited for an interview for three so far, and have had a telephone interview for one of them already (one where my CV claims I was a Colonel). On the basis of my phone interview, I don't doubt that I can pull the wool over the eyes of most civvies, but if one of them gets a bit sus, do you think there's any way they could check up on me? I took the expedient of hinting at an sf background so I could avoid answering any awkward questions.

Sensible replies only please.


You'll probably have some smartarse claiming that he cant find your entries in the London Gazette. Point out that SF who go "southbank" have reconstructive career surgery and that's that.

Questions about RMAS are easy: just guffaw and start talking about the Adj's hunter crapping over the steps at the passing out parade - just prior to the Jordanian Prince's platoon marching up them.

A moustache might be useful - unless it looks like Clair Short's.
an arrser gave a really good template years ago. i have had really good feedback about it. i cant post it now as i am working all night but its along the lines of:

1. name and contact details. at top.

2. neat summary : a sentence summing up 'what' you are. ie
"an experience electrical engineer/penguin trainer with international experience. XZY trained. "

3. Recent and relevant experience with dates and company name. underneath that one or so lines neatly summing up what you have done. no waffle.

4. any other experience. brief.

5. education and work quals. brief. if you suit the job you dont need to waffle just list the relevant skills it gave you.

6. a few words on your pastimes. just list a few as it can be used in conversation in interview. just helps the employer break the ice.

7. dont go on about the paedo allegations. that's bad.


Very funny OP. Now can you all please leave the jobs forums to those who are REALLY interested in a JOB.
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