Help Wanted to find Retail need him for a job

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Discovery001, Jan 2, 2009.

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  1. Hullo there I am looking for an ex AAC pilot SNCO was a WO1 at Wattersham I was with him on a Cse in Brecon. Left the Army in 2005ish. He will remember me I ref'ed his 7's comp. I need him to PM me urgently. regards JJ
  2. Care to narrow it down a bit? PM me if you wish.
  3. I wonder if it was Ginge who might've implied he was a pilot?
  4. You see my thought process.. WO 1 AAC whom needed his 7 computers refreshed!
  5. Rugby sevens actually!
  6. Knew Ginge when he was a Grenadier, lived in next bunk ta me.
  7. I knew exactly what you meant but just wanted to firstly inject a little sarcasm (its the AAC way) and it also helps keep your post near the top.

  8. you mean he wasnt???? I worked with him for 2 years in NI, oooh the little fibber! :wink: