Help wanted please for an MPGS mate - London Marathon

Hello there,

Sorry if it sounds like I'm on the 'cadge' a little bit here but a colleague of mine in the MPGS at Strensall, York is doing the London Marathon this year and is stuck for military accommodation. He did have something set up at Wellington Barracks on the night before the race but that has fell through and he's been offered Northwood instead. Obviously that location isn't at all ideal and I was wondering if Woolwich Barracks is still up and running in any way? That way it would be very convenient for the start line at Greenwich. If not, I thought of St John's Wood Barracks which is at least near the tube!

If anyone could help get him a military bedspace for the night, or indeed you have a hotel room you might like to donate to him for the night then please contact me on here anytime or via Strensall Guardroom.

Thanks for reading and hope you can help

You might want to edit that phone number off here sharpish mate. Instead ask for pm's.

Have a look at MPGS Platoons that are based down that way. Speak to the Platoon Commanders and see if they can square you away.
several TA units in london, 101 Arty, engrs, etc give them a bell
Hey there, I'm ta but a lawyer and live in Canada Water which is down the road from Greenwich! Happy to help out if someone needs a bed, my dad always does first aid for it so will be around!

Try Woolwich Garrison - used to work there and lots of folk used to use it as a bed and breakfast prior to the Marathon: taxi to start point was about ten pounds or you catch the train to Greenwich from Woolwich Station - 10 mins. Good luck.

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