help wanted need to borrow a helmet for a week

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by scousemech, Apr 7, 2006.

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  1. Guys Just on the off chance can anyone loan me a Mk6 or a Para Helmet size medium for a week.
    I'm doing the Dutch military Parachute course but since I am now a civvy I dont have a Skid Lid.The course starts on the 22nd April till the 28th April. I,m located in Liverpool so if you can help me let us know

    Ta Guys

  2. I have one - size erm... big and needs a newer helmet cover - all the elastic has gone saggy.

  3. Cheers Rincey

    but its a medium one I need thanks anyway.You would think someone on here would be able to help me out..... mind you there seems to be more civvies and Squaddie wanabbees on here lately.

    Any airsoft walts wanna help me out
  4. if you are really desperate - try anchor supplies at Ripley.

    Click here

    They are one of the main government surplus places....

    Also mention you are in and get 10% discount


  5. Tried that site it only sells the covers and not the Helmets mate
  6. Phone them, they have bone domes in - either at Ripley, Nottingham or both.

    They have tons of gear not listed.
    If you go visit - dont take too much money - its like being in the QMs store and his back is turned. (except you pay)