Help wanted Market Harborough area - ex Scalie

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Im the owner of a MG Midget classic sports car, ex Corps. The car is at a restorers in a place called Great Oxendon near Market Harborough.
The business has gone bust and they are in possession of my car. They arnt answering phone calls and e mails. Im currently off work with a broken ankle and Im staying in N Wales with my girlfriend while recuperating so Im stuffed with regards to driving there myself.
Could anyone in the area do a recce for me to see if anyone is at the garage and see if there is a stripped down green MG Midget FVL 137M at the premises.
Location can be found in detail at
Many thanks
If you know anyone at 30 Sigs they are only a few miles away, otherwise anyone from 30 - want to help mgmidget, sounds like a just cause?
Can't promise anything m8, but I'm working up Manchester way end of July, start of August. I'll be stopping at a m8s place in Desborough, so I might get a chance to do a recce. Wach out! Watch out!
darth_fokker said:
Try and PM poison dwarf. He may be able to help.
I just spotted that thread with my name in it! I had a look at the website, they appear to have moved to some place called Clipston. Have you tried the new number?
Yeah tried everything on the site and been doing my own detective work. Cant get anything from searching the net on his home tel no or address. Got a lead to follow up on next week that may reveal something.
The ref to Great Oxendon in my first post was from a multimap search of the post code although I knew that the address was actually Clipston. The most up to date address is as per the website only with a post code of LE16 9RP, only down the road from the one on the website.
Anyone passing would still appreciate a look see as I still won't be able to physically get thier myself for a good few weeks yet.

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