Help wanted: Boxing/Thai Boxing gyms in Belfast?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. I am soon to move to Belfast from North Germany. I used to train at a thai-boxing gym in Manchester (Master Toddies) and am keen to get back into this when I go to Belfast (hopefully to shift my gut etc).

    However, for various reasons (including having a big fcuk-off St Georges cross tattooed on my arm) I don't really fancy heading to any particularly sectarian gyms. I used to live in the North prior to the cease-fire, and had some problems/kick-offs with lads from both sides of the divide (they generally assumed I was ex-forces). I guess things might have changed, but can any ARRSE members point me towards a friendly (e.g. not aligned to any particular gang of looneys) boxing/thai boxing gym in the Belfast area?

    (NB: I am a civvy)

  2. Prokick.Com You wont be dissapointed! :thumright:

  3. Cheers - looks good! I will take look when I get to Belfast
    much appreciated :thumleft:
  4. prokick runs a great Gym, Has a lot of Champions there, my nephew trains at that gym and he was the youngest kickboxing Black-Belt in Europe at one point.
  5. Good on him, but I think I'm a bit past reaching for the stars in that way...
    However, I look forward to getting back into some training. Thanks for the post...
  6. I cringe everytime i hear someone say "he's a black belet in kickboxing" Kickboxing like boxing is a SPORT not a martial art so where do all these belts come from. If someone was to say to you i'm a black/brown/blue belt in boxing you would laugh at them.
  7. the belt system is a western thing, real thai boxers don't have grades as such, they prove themselves in 'the ring', but that's another debate!


    all the people in the know go there, plenty of professional and well known thai boxing instructors post there, such as Sandy Holt (Bolton), Richard Smith (Bad Company), loads of others, ask around there, you will get good info.
  8. I'm sure there was a great place along the Springfield Road?
  9. No better place than prokick. Go along and get trained by the best there ever was Billy Murray it's not just kick boxing I hear a few of the boys are starting thai but only advanced members
  10. Snow - that's excellent news - I'd rather do Thai as it's what I'm better at, and I'm not into the whole belt thing... I see this as a way of grabbing money from people.

    As Sandy_The_Guvnor said, you don't see boxers asking what belt you are... they just hit you as hard as they can... this is why I like Thai, no bullsh!t, just good skills and lots of fitness.
  11. Oh the irony.
  12. I'm glad it amuses someone! :biggrin:

    I'm English, but have lived and worked in the north and south of Ireland and from experience know it can be an issue (bit like having a white-power tattoo in Moss side or Longsight). I'd rather restrict my violence to the predictable stuff in the ring, and not end up sparring with people for no reason beyond having a tattoo...