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help very much needed

Bubbles_Barker said:
Bedpan2zero said:
youre missing the point Bubbles

he isnt in the army yet - therefore he is competing against the standard entry requirements as set down in PULHHEEMS.

If an individiual has a history of ' depression' they will find it difficult with the increasing pressures of service life as compaired to civvi life.

OK - hear what you're saying - but that leads me on to ask about those serving soldiers with 'depression' on their docs

when applying to join any service - you must meet the fitness criteria.
once in the service - you can become as ill as you like. once you are in, you're IN. then if you become too ill - you get medically discharged. simple really.[/quote]

Hmmmm. Not sure about that. When I applied to change my commision to a Reg C some 20 odd years ago they failed me because I had failed to meet 'joining criteria' for hearing (I was, and still am, H3, thanks to Seamus O'Timing Device). I had to get a 2nd opinion (from Harley Street, at a cost of 120 quid to myself) to get through, confirming that it was 'service in NI' wot done it. A 'special medical board' had to be convened - which I fortunately passed - the in service standard even for SF being H3 as I remember. I couldn't work it out at the time - I could have been SF at H3 and OK but not a snot nosed Truckie at H3?

Seems like double standards to me - or has it all changed?[/quote]

I remember in the lat 80's and early 90's - the army medically discharged a lot of good people, they then changed the criteria.


if you're a fit and healthy signaller at P2 FE - do yoou need to be fit to sit behind a desk.

a soldier with say 10 years experience, skills and training - who is injured and graded P7 - should he be flung out the army - NO, because he is fit enough to do his job from behind a desk

so now - things are a little better in some not all respects

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