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Dear All,

My name is Sgt Tony Devanny, I have served 16 years with the Duke of Wellingtons Regiment, now 3rd Bn The Yorkshire Regiment and I am currently posted away to the Joint CIMIC Group in Camberley Surrey. Along with Cpl Vicky Kneale we will be taking part in the Thames Meander on Feb 16th 2008 which is a 54 mile run along the Thames. Thames Meander site

What and who are Combat stress???

For over 80 years, they have been the only services charity specialising in helping those of all ranks from the Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy suffering from psychological disability as a result of their service. Through their national network of welfare officers, they visit veterans at home in order to establish how best we can improve their quality of life.

They have three treatment centres, which provide rehabilitative treatments that aim to help the victim cope with his or her disabilities and to enjoy a better quality of life. For further information please visit this Combat Stress Site

As you can imagine in this day and age and the Operations we all serve in the need for this charity is growing. On our part it was an easy choice as although at the moment it is one of the smaller Forces charities, one day it is possibly a Charity some of our Forces comrades or even ourselves may have to use. We have currently raised £2,113 and hope this can continue to increase at a steady rate.

What is the event???

The event we have chosen is the Thames Meander 2008. The Thames Meander has long been one of the most prominent events in the ultra-running calendar. Established in 1999 and now in its 9th year, the Thames Meander ultra cross-country event takes place in mid-February, with a course meandering along the banks of the River Thames, over towpaths and public rights of way from Reading, heading east to finish near Walton-on-Thames 54 miles later. Thames Meander site

In between now and Feb 16th 2008 we will be doing an array or running events from 5-10 milers up to half and a full marathon as training. Hopefully this has done enough to make you think this is a worthy cause for your company to support. Vicky and I thank you for reading this and thinking about this proposition. We both wish you and the whole of the AARSE members the best of luck and health in everything they do in the future.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future and thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Financial Donation

If I could ask you to either donate via our online site Tony and Vickys Just Giving Site

or via Cheque made out to Combat Stress and mailed to myself at the address below.

Merchandise to be please sent

Sgt Devanny, Joint Cimic Group, Gibraltar Barracks, Camberley, Surrey, GU17 9LP.

Once again many thanks for reading this letter

Tony Devanny and Vicky Kneale


A J Devanny
Joint CIMIC Group

Please take a moment to look at my site here Tony and Vickys Just Giving Site £2,113 RAISED SO FAR

Tel Military: 94 261 3364
Tel Civilian: 01252 863364
E-Mail - (Primary

The items listed below have been donated for auction by the companies named and are available to all who wish to bid. All info required is listed below for you to read prior to making any decisions.

Norfolk Line Donated 1 car (2 adult 2children) Return ticket from Dover to Dunkirque for anytime during 2008.

Marquess Of Bath PA has donated 2 adult and two child Passport tickets to be used during 2008 at Longleat.

Taut Energy drinks, Harlequins drinks sponsor have donated 10 Match tickets in main stand for the Quins vs Tigers game 5th Jan 2008.

Bradford and Bingley have sent Yorkshire Cricket signed merchandise with match tickets, signed Bat by 5 cricketing legends (Boycott, Tendulkar, Gavaskar, Pietersen, Gooch) Bradford City signed Merchandise, match tickets (sold for £40)

Sale Sharks have donated 4 hospitality tickets with one of the winners children being the Mascot for the match chosen.

Suzi Wongs Creations who are Ricky Hatton’s ring wear designers have donated a replica pair of ring shorts. (These have been Regimentalised DWR)

Hat Trick Productions donated two tickets to “Have I Got News For You (Sold Raised £55)


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Why is this in the naafi?
First time i have come onto this site and it seemed the liveliest place to post it. Didn't see the point of placing this in a forum that no one looked at.

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Why is this in the naafi?
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Fair enough.

Put it in the 'Charity and Welfare Section' - you'll probably get more of a result, without the encumbent NAAFI abuse.

Charity Thread Clicky :)
Biped said:
Fair enough.

Put it in the 'Charity and Welfare Section' - you'll probably get more of a result, without the encumbent NAAFI abuse.

Charity Thread Clicky :)
Cheers i have placed it in that section although it isn't anywhere near as well visited as this...

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