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We hope that we are always here to help the ARRSE community. Please tell us what you think about our product offering and if we could improve our products, services or even how we operate on the ARRSE forum.

Any comments welcome :D
Couple of points / opinions from me:

1) The writing on the website can be a little hard to read in some places with the 'busy' background images. (Desktops main page).

2) In some places on the website you have overlapping text.
- Homepage - desktops and laptops.

3) Any reason why you don't offer single, high end cards at all on your top range gaming rigs? It gives more options and often a single, top end card will out perform 2 slightly lower cards in SLI / Crossfire.

4) Personally, I am not a fan of MSI motherboards, but thats personal opinion.

I have done a couple of comparison builds from a site I often use (buying to self build) and your prices seem quite reasonable.

For each of your builds, are you using RAM that is on the QVL for the corresponding motherboard, question out of interest more than anything else?
Thanks for those comments, I actually prefer ASUS motherboards myself and hopefully we can make the transition or at least option of having them.

Ram wise , we have tested a variety of Ram on the motherboards we stock as well as trauling forums to find the best performance and stability. I will double check that they are on the QVL for each mobo tho :D

I'll look into a single card for the top options.

What are you using browser wise? Looks fine to me in Firefox. Can I get your res too plz :D
I'll look into a single card for the top options.
Can I suggest EVGA branded option as a single card? I've never -ever- gone back to anything else since I started using one of their beauties, just shockingly good performance and pretty decent value given the guarantees they tend to come with.

Also, as a matter of curiosity, how does one claim the discount? Is it some sort of 'cashback' deal or do you deduct at point of purchase?

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