Help us design a new psychological treatment (research study)

Help us design a new psychological treatment!​

  • Are you a UK Armed Forces Veteran?
  • Did you experience an event during your military service that led you to question your actions, the actions of others, the kind of person you are or the kind of world we live in?
If so, we are running a research study to develop a treatment to help veterans come to terms with such experiences.

Your involvement would help us ensure the treatment we develop targets veterans’ needs.
Participation is anonymous & confidential.

You can make a difference! :)

For more information contact Dr Victoria Williamson:

[Research study - King's College London & Combat Stress]
Hi, I am sorry for re-posting this. We are still looking for participants and my aim was to re-advertise the study. I tried to delete the previous thread to avoid duplication but I couldn't. Please delete what's not appropriate - thank you.

If you are interested in this study and need more information, please contact

Thank you.

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